Aaliyah Kashyap Labels Ambani-Merchant Wedding as a ‘Circus’ Rejects Invitation

In a bold statement on social media, Aaliyah Kashyap, daughter of renowned filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, has stirred up quite the storm by calling the wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant a “circus.” The star kid, known for her candidness reminiscent of her father’s, took to her Instagram broadcast channel to make her thoughts public, further refusing an invitation to attend the lavish festivities.

“The Ambani wedding is not a wedding at this point, it’s become a circus,” Aaliyah wrote on her Instagram, capturing widespread attention and generating a flurry of discussions across social media platforms. Despite her pointed criticisms, she admitted that she has found some enjoyment in “stalking the events” leading up to the wedding.

Aaliyah, who is a well-known social media influencer, revealed that her invitation to the wedding came with implicit PR undertones. “I was invited to some events because apparently, they’re doing PR (???? don’t ask me why) but I said no because I would like to believe I have a little more self-respect than to sell myself out for someone’s WEDDING,” she asserted. Her unapologetic stand underscores her refusal to commercialize personal boundaries for the sake of publicity.

Highlighting the extravagance of the wedding, Aaliyah also took a dig at the reported fees paid to international pop sensation Justin Bieber, who was compensated a staggering Rs 83 crore for a performance that lasted a mere couple of hours at the sangeet ceremony. “It’s like oh we have this extra money what should we do with it? Oh, let’s call JUSTIN BIEBER,” her comment read, pointing out what she sees as an unnecessary extravagance.

Aaliyah Kashyap’s Instagram account has long been a space where she showcases various fashion labels and lifestyle brands, alongside her YouTube channel where she posts regular content. Her close ties to the Indian film industry stem from her parents: her father, Anurag Kashyap, directed the critically acclaimed ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, while her mother, Aarti Bajaj, is a noted film editor. The couple married in 1997 and separated in 2009.

The wedding celebrations of Anant Ambani, the youngest son of India’s richest family, and Radhika Merchant, have been meticulously planned, adhering to Hindu Vedic traditions. The main ceremonies are set to begin on Friday, July 12, with the Shubh Vivah or wedding function.

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. Guests have been encouraged to dress in traditional Indian attire, embracing the cultural heritage of the occasion.

The festivities will carry on through the weekend. Saturday, July 13, will see the observance of Shubh Aashirwad, and the final event, the Mangal Utsav or the grand wedding reception, is slated for Sunday, July 14. Prior to these main events, the Ambani family hosted a star-studded Sangeet Ceremony on July 5, attended by numerous high-profile celebrities and dignitaries.

Earlier in the year, the power couple celebrated a series of pre-wedding festivities in the city of Jamnagar. Their guest list read like a who’s who of global celebrities, marking the grandeur with a series of elaborate events. Each step leading up to their wedding has been an opulent affair, reflecting the couple’s social and economic stature within both the Indian and international spheres.

As Aaliyah Kashyap’s remarks continue to ripple through social media, they bring to light discussions about the scale of modern weddings, particularly those of high-profile personalities. Her decision to speak out against what she perceives as over-the-top extravagance has certainly sparked a conversation about the values and expectations surrounding weddings in contemporary society.

For those curious about the unfolding events, the wedding will be widely covered by multiple media outlets, providing a glimpse of the opulence and cultural synthesis that such high-profile Indian weddings represent. Aaliyah’s critique, however, stands as a reminder of the varying perspectives on these grand celebrations, inviting both admiration and scrutiny from the public eye.

With her bold comments and refusal to attend, Aaliyah Kashyap has certainly made a statement, one that underscores the ongoing dialogue about tradition, modernity, and the influence of wealth on social customs. Whether viewed as a daring critique or a reminder of simpler values, her words have added an unexpected dimension to the narrative around one of the most talked-about weddings in recent memory.

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