Anastasiya Ador’s Journey: From Belarus to Bollywood Stardom

Anastasiya Ador’s transformation from a young girl in Europe to a prominent figure in the Indian film industry is nothing short of extraordinary. In an in-depth conversation with, Anastasiya opened up about her incredible journey from Belarus to Mumbai, her love for Indian culture, and her experiences working in Bollywood.

Anastasiya Ador’s role as Svetlana in Raj and DK’s web series ‘Farzi’ has left a lasting impression. In this gripping narrative, she assists characters played by Shahid Kapoor and Bhuvan Arora in transporting counterfeit notes, a role that had her faking an Eastern European accent. Interestingly, when the cameras were off, she conversed fluently in Hindi with her colleagues, a revelation that left co-creator DK Krishna astounded. “It’s funny because I had to fake an Eastern European accent for the role and at the same time when the call cut and we had chai behind the camera, we would all be chatting in Hindi,” Anastasiya shared.

Having spent 11 years in the Indian film industry, Anastasiya’s career has been diverse and impressive. Her breakout role as Shahid Kapoor’s girlfriend in ‘Udta Punjab’ marked her entry into Bollywood. She subsequently became a familiar face on Indian screens with roles in MX Player’s ‘Campus Diaries’, Netflix’s ‘Aranyak’, and ALT Balaji’s ‘Bose: Dead/Alive’.

Anastasiya’s love affair with India began at the age of 8 when she started learning Indian dance and culture at the Indian embassy in Minsk. By the age of 16, she made her first trip to India, landing in Delhi. Despite her deep-rooted passion for acting, she pursued a filmmaking course in Delhi and lived with family friends. During this time, she immersed herself in Indian culture, learned the Hindi language, and watched hundreds of Indian films. After her course, she delved into theatre, working extensively behind the scenes in Delhi.

Her career took a pivotal turn when she began receiving calls from Mumbai for acting opportunities. “I think Mukesh Chhabra was the first one who gave me an audition for Udta Punjab. Again, it was with Shahid Kapoor. That was my first project. I realized that Mumbai is a great place because it’s so international. Unlike in Delhi, where I felt a bit alienated, I was still a white girl in Delhi,” she explained. Once settled in Mumbai, Anastasiya found the city welcoming and conducive for building connections, leading to numerous opportunities, including a TV show with Rajkummar Rao.

Despite being born in Belarus, Anastasiya’s passion for Indian cinema was evident from a young age. She grew up watching classics like ‘Mughal-e-Azam’, ‘Awaara’, and ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’, but it was Shahid Kapoor’s performance in ‘Jab We Met’ that captivated her. “I remember after I saw ‘Jab We Met’, I was like, ‘What is this film?’ I was listening to the songs on loop. I was so obsessed and in love with the character on screen. I was obsessed with Shahid Kapoor. I cut out and printed his picture and had it on my wall. I remember crying because I didn’t know what to do.

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. I was so much in love with this character.”

Fate intervened when Anastasiya landed her first project opposite Shahid Kapoor with ‘Udta Punjab’ in 2016. Years later, she shared the screen with him once again in ‘Farzi’, solidifying her unique connection with the actor. Additionally, Anastasiya took up Kathak lessons under the tutelage of veteran actor Neelima Azeem, Shahid Kapoor’s mother, further deepening her bond with Indian culture. “She’s my guru and I was taking classes from her in Mumbai. Neelima Azeem is a beautiful person. She taught me a lot of things about the film industry. Through dance, she always taught me things about life. She is incredible. When I look at Neelima Azeem, I see how Ishaan and Shahid are so talented because they have a mother who is herself an unbelievable talent,” she fondly shared.

As a foreign actor in the Indian film industry, Anastasiya believes there are ample opportunities, but the portrayal of characters like hers is limited. “I can’t say it’s a lack of work but maybe the way people perceive you. They don’t write characters like me. They don’t write about a girl who is a foreigner but she lived here for so long that she speaks the language. They always then have to be half Indian, for some reason. But there are people who live here and speak the language. So it’s just, I think, the lack of writing and finding authenticity in characters like me. Otherwise, there’s lots of work and lots of characters.”

Despite these challenges, Anastasiya remains optimistic about the industry’s international expansion and the growing opportunities. However, she emphasizes the need for more authentic and diverse character portrayals.

Currently, Anastasiya is residing in London, but before her departure from India, she shot a short film titled ‘Check Out’ by Fenil Seta. The film centers around a travel vlogger in Mumbai who faces unexpected harassment outside her hotel room, a story that delves deeply into the character’s inner world. Reflecting on her experience, Anastasiya said, “The film was shot in and around South Mumbai which got me nostalgic as I was soon about to leave the country. I really liked working with Fenil because he’s such a positive director. I’m a person who gets very anxious immediately. And then Fenil was very calm and that really helped me because I could manage my anxiety, and my emotions, and then kind of get through the film.” The film will soon be released on Disney+Hotstar.

Anastasiya Ador’s journey from Europe to Bollywood epitomizes dedication and passion, revealing a unique narrative of cultural amalgamation and professional triumph in the Indian film industry.

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