Ashwin Ventures into Chess Introducing American Gambits for Inaugural Global Chess League Season

India’s premier off-spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin, made headlines on Monday by revealing his entry into the sport of chess as he co-owns a team set to debut in an innovative global chess competition. Ashwin, known for his remarkable cricketing career, is now diversifying his sporting interests by stepping into the chess arena. His team, American Gambits, is set to debut in the second season of the Global Chess League, scheduled from October 3 to 12, 2024, at Friends House in London.

Ashwin, alongside former chess player Prachura PP and business leader Venkat K Narayana (KVN), will collectively own the American Gambits. This collaboration marks a significant moment in the chess world, as the Global Chess League represents a novel format in the sport, part of a joint venture between Tech Mahindra and FIDE, the global governing body for chess.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Ashwin commented, “We’re thrilled to introduce the American Gambits to the chess world. With a blend of strategic brilliance and unwavering determination, our team aims to redefine the game. As the co-owner, I’m excited to witness their journey and contribute to their success.” This statement underscores Ashwin’s dedication and excitement about entering this new venture and contributing to the growth and transformation of the sport.

Prachura PP, a well-known figure in the chess community, has also expressed his excitement about the innovative league. He believes the Global Chess League is a groundbreaking initiative in a sport played across more than 190 countries and one that transcends age and gender boundaries. “The Global Chess League is the most exciting league to emerge in the world of chess where the topmost players in the world battle for their teams. For a sport played in over 190 countries and one that has no age or gender bar, owning a franchise is a wonderful opportunity,” said Prachura. His words reflect the expansive and inclusive nature of chess and the potential for growth and development that this league promises.

The Global Chess League’s second edition is poised to showcase top players from across the world, including reigning world champions and promising newcomers. The unique team format, emphasizing strategy, collaboration, and intense gameplay, is designed to bring a fresh perspective to the sport.

On the organizational front, Sameer Pathak, CEO of the Global Chess League, highlighted the significance of the trio’s involvement.

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. He stated, “Prachura’s deep affection for chess and business acumen, Ashwin’s credentials both as an ace sportsman and chess lover, and KVN’s leadership in business and the film industry are well known. The trio’s franchise ownership is expected to bring fresh perspectives and dynamic growth to the league. We are delighted to have them on board for our fast-growing and innovative Global Chess League.” Pathak’s acknowledgment of the diverse skill sets and backgrounds that Ashwin, Prachura, and KVN bring to the table suggests a promising future for the league and its teams.

The tournament structure is designed to maximize engagement and competitiveness. Each team will play a total of 10 matches in a double round-robin format. The matches’ outcomes will be determined through a best-of-six board scoring system, with each team initially tackling their opponents across five matches using either black or white pieces. This will be followed by a reverse round where teams switch piece colors and face the same opponents again. The accumulated points from wins and draws across all six games in a match will decide the winning team, and the top two teams will advance to the final round.

The Global Chess League prides itself as the world’s first and largest official franchise league of its kind, featuring mixed-gender teams comprising both male and female chess champions. This groundbreaking approach not only promotes gender equality but also enriches the competitive landscape of the sport.

Moreover, the league will be broadcasted live, providing an unprecedented viewing experience for chess enthusiasts around the globe. Tech Mahindra and FIDE are leveraging next-generation technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality to create an interactive and immersive platform for fans. This high-tech integration will redefine how fans engage with chess, transforming the viewing experience.

In summary, Ravichandran Ashwin’s foray into the chess world as a co-owner of the American Gambits marks an exciting new chapter in his sporting career. His entry, along with the expertise of Prachura PP and Venkat K Narayana, promises to bring innovative changes and heightened excitement to the Global Chess League, a pioneering step in the world of professional chess.