Bengaluru Readies for Dynamic Musical Weekends with Acclaimed International and Homegrown Talent

As urban excitement blooms under the Bengaluru night sky, music enthusiasts are priming their senses for an unforgettable weekend ahead. Windmills in Whitefield beckons with the promise of jazz and blues resonating in the air on the nights of April 12 and 13, commencing at 9:30 pm. This musical reverie doesn’t come without its price, as attendees are looking at tickets ranging from ₹2,542 + taxes (for those who prefer the comfort of seating) to ₹1,271 + taxes (for the spirited individuals who don’t mind standing), all available for purchase via BookMyShow.

Scott Henderson, the guitar maestro with Floridian roots and a founding member of the 1980s ensemble Tribal Tech, is paving his path back to Indian shores. Though he might be considered a rarity in these parts, each of his visits cements his connection to the Indian audience even more. With guitar strings ready to weave jazz and blues magic, Henderson is all set to captivate Bengaluru this weekend.

Drenched in inspiration from the legendary Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and the iconic Jimi Hendrix, Henderson’s musical demeanor unquestionably reflects a robust rock influence. Esteemed company has graced his performance history, with luminaries such as Chick Corea and Jean-Luc Ponty having shared the stage with him, leaving their audiences in awe. His talents and contributions have not gone unnoticed; plaudits include top honors like Best Guitarist and Best Electric/Jazz-Rock/Contemporary Group/Artist in the Jazz Times Reader’s Poll of 2019, along with being consecrated as the #1 Jazz Guitarist by powerhouse publications like Guitar World and Guitar Player’s Annual Reader’s Poll during the 1990s.

In another corner of the city, the Bira 91 Taproom in Koramangala prepares to host Anmol Gupta, known artistically as Moli. This New Delhi-origin phenomenon boasts the claim of being one of India’s youngest psychedelic rock artists. After participating in ventures such as the Amplify Music Incubator and supporting the Swiss post-rock band Hubris, Moli and his band, the Moli Gala Recording Co.—an apparent homage to the capital’s psychedelic rock darlings Peter Cat Recording Co—vacation their mind-bending performances to Bengaluru. This is all in anticipation of Moli’s upcoming album ‘Retrogression Progression’. Set for April 13, starting at 8 pm, the taproom is poised for an energetic launch show. As tickets go for ₹499, available through Skillboxes, the performance also showcases Mangalore-origin and Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter Frizzell D’Souza, presenting her new single ‘Diana’, and featuring collaboration with the jazz/blues band Derek and the Cats.

A mellower, yet equally enriching musical experience awaits at Muro on Museum Road, a setting where Bengaluru’s finest singer-songwriters converge. Homemade Sessions elevates this promise by initiating its third season with a stellar lineup that includes Mahesh Raghunandan and Bruce Lee Mani from Thermal And A Quarter, alongside Khalid Ahamed of rock band Parvaaz, hailing from Kashmir. With prior seasons accumulating over 18 shows and a thousand attendees, this “episode” seems destined to tug at heartstrings with old and new renditions of Mahesh’s poignant compositions, while Mani and Ahamed bring forth acoustic versions of their respective band’s classics, as well as their solo works. Set to unfold from 4 pm onwards on April 13, the tickets are attainable through Skillboxes for ₹1,000 plus a cover charge of ₹500 at the door.

The tempo shifts gears as the Indiranagar Social gears up to ooze the electrifying energy of disco on the very same night, from 8:30 pm. Celebrating its seventh year, the Dynamite Disco Club stages a showcase of groove with founder Stalvart John, DJ-producer duo Audio Units, and the versatile DJ Carissa, stirring up funk with house and deep house rhythms as well. RSVPs stream through, supplemented by a cover charge at the event doorway.

Described with a grandiosity that fits the occasion, the Dynamite Disco Club event assures an ambrosial blend of music and revelry. It stands as a testament to the city’s relentless pursuit of dance and joy, featuring the stalwart grace of Stalvart John, the formidable Audio Units, and the adept Carissa, alumni of the Disco Club’s illustrious history.

Audiences across Bengaluru are thus poised for a weekend etched in melodic excellence, each event a treasure trove waiting to unleash the very essence of music within the city’s vibrant cultural landscape.

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