Celebrated Singer Kailash Kher Talks About Music Spirituality and His Latest Album Release

With the release of the fourth song from his new album coinciding with his birthday, the distinguished singer Kailash Kher opens up about his unique musical journey and the nexus of spirituality in his art. Renowned for his distinct contribution to music, Kher asserts that his genre will resonate across generations.

“Ishq hai,” the recently released single, is an intricate piece from Kher’s prolific musical journey, which dates back to his entrance into the industry. Speaking to mid-day, the singer delves into what drives him: “From birth, the almighty chose this path for me, to create a name in music. Our first album ‘Kailasa’ came out in 2006, and when we shared the meaning behind it, people were fascinated. The term ‘Kailasa’ denotes divinity, a concept we merged with romantic music,” he reveals. Growing up in an ashram in Rishikesh, amidst saints, Kher’s exposure to mainstream film music was minimal. Thus, his entry into Bollywood brought a fresh, spiritual dimension to the music scene. The success of the successive five albums attests to the growing appreciation for this blend. His latest album continues in this vein, striving to make spiritual music accessible to a broader audience.

In an era dominated by streaming platforms, where single tracks often overshadow full albums, Kher remains optimistic about the sustained demand for cohesive musical works. “If you look at the last two songs from this album, ‘Dil jaani’ and ‘Mera dil hai’, they are deeply rooted in spirituality. The world may change, yet the quest for soul-touching music never fades. After basic needs like food, it is the arts that feed the heart and soul. Our fans have been calling for more music of this nature, and we listened,” Kher explains.

Kher views his music as an extension of his life philosophy. Emphasizing purity, he speaks of his lifestyle, which draws heavily from traditional Indian practices.

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. “I consume food that is as pure as offerings to God. Despite belonging to this modern era, my inclinations are towards practices thousands of years old. I grow my own food and make my own curd from milk sourced from my gaushala in Lonavala. Though I have produced both film and non-film music, it is the latter that resonates most in my concerts. The Padma Shri title, awarded in a relatively short span of 12 years, recognizes my success in bringing spiritual music to the mainstream and transforming the romantic music landscape,” he states. Looking ahead, Kher is set to embark on a tour in the USA this September.

Reflecting on the evolution of the Indian music industry, Kher applauds the contributions of the South Indian film fraternity. “The energy from regions housing significant temples has empowered their films to achieve global recognition, such as through the Oscars. While some films have been detrimental to our image, those like ‘RRR’, which pay homage to figures like Lord Ram, stand out internationally. Films such as ‘Baahubali’ celebrate divine music, promoting substantive messages unlike those that, despite long runs, offer little depth,” he stresses.

Kher’s future plans also include launching a coffee table book, aiming to provide insights into the stories behind his celebrated songs. “The book will discuss how some of our popular tracks came to life, reflecting on the experiences that shaped them,” he notes.

In summary, ‘Ishq hai’ released to coincide with Kher’s birthday, is a continuation of his life’s work, merging spirituality with music. Rooted deeply in his upbringing and beliefs, Kher’s music transcends generations, appealing to an ever-evolving audience. His lifestyle, embracing centuries-old Indian traditions, and his contemplations on the growth of Indian cinema and music, all contribute to his distinguished standing in the industry. With plans to tour internationally and share his art through a new book, Kailash Kher’s journey is far from over. His commitment to creating music that touches the soul remains unwavering, promising more evocative and spiritually enriching experiences for his listeners.

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