Celebrating Father’s Day: Shriya Pilgaonkar Reflects on Her Father Sachin Pilgaonkar’s Monumental Career

As the world prepares to celebrate Father’s Day in 2024, actor Shriya Pilgaonkar takes a moment to reflect on the indelible influence her father, the legendary Sachin Pilgaonkar, has had on her career and personal development. Known for her roles in “Fan,” “Guilty Minds,” and “The Broken News,” Shriya’s journey in the entertainment industry is steeped in inspiration drawn from the veteran actor-producer-director. A recent exclusive interview with sheds light on the father-daughter bond and the professional guidance that has shaped Shriya’s path.

In the interview, Shriya talks about the remarkable milestone her father has achieved. “This year my father completed 60 years in the industry,” Shriya highlights with pride. “There are only a handful of people who have managed to have a thriving career for so long.” Sachin Pilgaonkar’s illustrious career began at the tender age of 5 when he won his first National Award for the Marathi film “Ha Maza Marg Ekla” in 1962. Over the decades, he has worn many hats, delving into acting, direction, choreography, production, and singing, all of which have left an indelible mark on Shriya.

Throughout his multi-faceted career, the elder Pilgaonkar has led by example, constantly evolving and adapting to the changing dynamics of the entertainment world. Shriya recounts the invaluable advice her father has imparted to her. “He has always told me never to stop learning and to learn from both my juniors and seniors. The best way to be different is to be yourself, and no work is too big or small,” Shriya recalls. “When I see the love and goodwill he has, that really makes me understand what the joy of being an actor is!”

Shriya’s love for storytelling, she confesses, was deeply influenced by her father’s narrative abilities when she was a child. “He would narrate new stories to me every night and take me on an adventure with all these characters he would create,” Shriya reminisces. “Somewhere, my love for stories and cinema comes from all the stories that my father told me as a child.”

When it was time for Shriya to choose her path in life, there was no dearth of support from her father. Sachin Pilgaonkar, known for introducing several actors and writers to the industry, viewed Shriya not just as his daughter but as a fellow artist. The father-daughter duo first collaborated on Shriya’s debut Marathi film “Ekulti Ek,” which was directed, produced, and co-starred by Sachin.

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. This experience only strengthened their professional and personal bond.

Shriya is quick to express her admiration for her father’s relentless drive and passion. “I’m so proud of him. He’s finished shooting for his 23rd film as a director and has acted in more than 200 films. He’s still hungry to do more, still passionate,” she shares. “For me, that is the most beautiful example that I have before me, which inspires me to work harder and to do better.”

Discussing what keeps Sachin Pilgaonkar relevant after six decades in the industry, Shriya elaborates, “I have seen my father handle his sixty-year career with so much passion, love, grace, and strength. Never heard him utter the word ‘tired.’ He truly loves his work, and it is his genuine passion for growth that has allowed him to explore or expand in so many directions, making him and his work relevant today.”

The foundation laid by Sachin and her mother Supriya has empowered Shriya to carve her unique path in the industry. While they encourage her to follow her instincts, they are also her guiding stars whenever she seeks advice. “My father helps me a lot with my dialects,” Shriya notes. “He always told me that as an actor, no one should be able to tell based on how you speak, where you’re from. He’s so good with languages, which is why he’s been able to work in so many different film industries as well. I enjoy discussing cinema and film with him. He has such incredible stories, and his experience is invaluable to me.”

As Father’s Day approaches, Shriya Pilgaonkar’s reflections on her father’s monumental career serve not only as a tribute to his enduring legacy but also as an inspiration for aspiring artists. The elder Pilgaonkar’s dedication, love for his craft, and constant quest for self-improvement resonate deeply with Shriya, shaping her journey and enriching her artistic spirit. Through her eyes, the world gets a glimpse into the life lessons and professional insights of a man whose contributions to the entertainment industry remain unparalleled.

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