Chennai’s Playtown Revolutionizes Corporate Events with Tech-Based Games

In the contemporary era of ceaseless smartphone usage, corporate events and gatherings often become more about scrolling through social media feeds than meaningful interaction. This increasing trend of digital distraction poses a challenge for event organizers striving to create engaging and interactive occasions. Addressing this issue head-on is Playtown, an innovative initiative by Chennai-based Media Point, which offers a refreshing solution that marries technology with physical activities through a myriad of unique, tech-based games.

Imagine attending a large office team outing or a high-profile corporate networking event where participants are engrossed in their phones, ignoring opportunities for face-to-face engagement. This familiar scene now has the potential to transform, thanks to Playtown’s offerings. The brainchild of Deepak Swaminathan, Founder and CEO of Media Point, Playtown aims to reinvigorate these gatherings with immersive and interactive tech-integrated games designed to foster participation and connection among attendees.

“We observed a decline in live interaction amidst guests at various events as their focus was fixated on their phones. This behavior detracted from the core objective of these social events, which is to network and celebrate communal occasions,” explains Deepak Swaminathan. This observation led to the conceptualization and development of Playtown’s innovative product line tailored for a wide array of events, including corporate outings and weddings, providing an engaging blend of technology and physical activity.

Playtown’s suite of games includes a myriad of captivating options such as the IoT-blended dance game, an AI caricature artist, and motion capture drumming, each designed to encourage active participation in a relatively small space. These games, unlike traditional video games which often require minimal physical involvement, integrate cutting-edge tech with live interaction, enabling guests to indulge in a more dynamic and collective experience.

One standout example of Playtown’s offerings is their immensely popular game “Selfie Podu Six Podu,” especially well-received during the IPL season. This game allows guests to link their mobile phones to a smart cricket bat and attempt hitting virtual sixes, creating an engaging and collaborative atmosphere. Additionally, other inventive games include a ‘bonding tree’ that symbolically grows with the addition of each new guest, and an energy-generating cycling game that not only encourages physical activity but also serves as a fun conversational piece.

The vision behind Playtown is not limited to harnessing tech for entertainment; it is about leveraging technology to bring people together in meaningful ways.

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. By combining physical activity with technological innovation, these games succeed in creating a participative spirit, drawing attendees away from their screens and into the essence of the event.

Deepak and his team have meticulously tested these games across various scenarios, ensuring their adaptability and effectiveness in fostering genuine interaction. The feedback from initial trials has been overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating a clear appetite for tech-fused games that provide more than just momentary amusement. Clients have noted the marked improvement in guest engagement and the overall vibe of their events, attributing it to the unique and interactive nature of Playtown’s offerings.

Playtown’s target audience extends beyond the corporate and IT sectors. While these communities might view Playtown as an economical alternative to lavish team-building retreats at star hotels or resorts, the appeal isn’t confined there. The innovative games also cater to a broader spectrum of events, including wedding celebrations, anniversary parties, and even casual social gatherings such as kitty parties. This versatility underscores the universal appeal of Playtown’s concept, making tech-based interactive games an attractive addition to any event.

In essence, Playtown is spearheading a revolution in the events industry, making live interaction a focal point once again. This Chennai-based initiative redefines the art of event hosting, ensuring that guests remember their experiences not just for the social media posts, but for the authentic connections made and the collective enjoyment shared.

With the power to transform how people engage at corporate events and social gatherings, Playtown’s tech-fused games are positioned to leave a lasting impact on the landscape of event entertainment. For more information on how to incorporate these revolutionary games into your next event, visit

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