India Set to Unveil Staggering 28 Lakh Sq Ft Mall as Part of Aerocity Expansion by 2027

India’s largest mall, spanning more than 2.8 million square feet (28 lakhs), is set to open by 2027 at the Aerocity complex near Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. This ground-breaking development is a cornerstone of the Worldmark Aerocity, an extensive $2.5 billion expansion initiative aiming to create a unique urban region centered around an airport. As a harbinger of a new era in urban development, the project is expected to expand eightfold over the next five years, thereby setting an extraordinary benchmark in commercial and infrastructural growth.

The vision behind Aerocity is ambitious yet clear: to build over 10 million square feet by 2029 in two phases, thereby transforming the area into a bustling commercial hub. The first phase has already rendered 1.5 million square feet of leasable space, serving as a mere glimpse of the sprawling future that awaits. Plans for the massive development include the addition of more office spaces, shops, food courts, public spaces, and the grand mall itself.

To dig deeper into the details, the Times of India (TOI) article highlighted that a 6.5 million-square-foot extension of the global business district would ultimately provide a total of 18 million square feet of leasable space. This will encompass not only the largest mall in India but also a multitude of offices, retail shops, and multiple food outlets, thus creating a dynamic and integrated space for both businesses and visitors.

Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL), which is sponsored by the GMR Group, has entrusted the development of Aerocity to Bharti Realty. Bharti Realty will hold the lease for Aerocity, in alignment with DIAL’s lease for airport construction and operations, ensuring that state ownership remains unaltered.

In an official statement, Bharti Realty’s Managing Director and CEO, SK Sayal, expressed his excitement and detailed plans for the project’s future. He mentioned that phases two and three would require a total investment of $2.

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.5 billion, to be funded through a combination of loans and equity. The next phase, slated to begin next year and expected to conclude by March 2027, will see the birth of Worldmark 4, 5, 6, and 7. These buildings will offer an additional 3.5 million square feet of leasable space alongside the colossal mall.

Moreover, underground parking facilities are also planned, with the capacity to accommodate more than 8,000 vehicles. This development ensures ease of access and convenience for both visitors and employees, making Aerocity a well-rounded and thoughtfully planned urban area.

Currently, Aerocity has established itself as a bustling zone, housing 11 hotels like JW Marriott, Accor Group, and Roseate, providing 5,000 rooms in total. Upon the completion of Phase 2, the region will see an increase to 16 hotels, incorporating famous brands like St Regis and JW Marriott Marquis, pushing the number of available hotel rooms to 7,000. Additionally, this enhanced hospitality landscape will further cement Aerocity’s status as a premier choice for tourists and business travelers alike.

The mall and other commercial spaces will be strategically situated between the Aerocity metro station and the existing hotel center, ensuring seamless connectivity and accessibility. This prime location is expected to elevate the appeal of Aerocity, enticing international businesses and visitors.

In conclusion, the upcoming establishment of India’s largest mall at Aerocity represents more than just an expansion—it’s a symbol of India’s rapid urban and infrastructural transformation. The project envisions an integrated urban space, blending commercial, retail, and hospitality sectors in a seamless manner. As the undertaking unfolds, it promises to usher in new opportunities, driving economic growth and elevating the commercial landscape. Aerocity is not just building structures; it’s constructing a future, set to soar to unprecedented heights by 2027.

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