Javed Akhtar Claps Back at Troll: A Heated Exchange on Social Media

Javed Akhtar, a luminary in the realm of poetry and screenwriting, has always been vocal about his views on various topics, consistently engaging with his audience through social media. The renowned lyricist recently found himself in the eye of a storm when a social media user attacked him and his family’s legacy, calling him the ‘son of a traitor’.

The altercation originated from a tweet by Javed Akhtar, in which he drew a parallel between himself and the President of the United States, Joe Biden. The tweet humorously indicated the improbability of either of them becoming the next President of the USA. Akhtar tweeted, “I am a proud Indian citizen and till my last breath I will remain so but I have one common fact with Joe Biden. Both of us have exactly equal chances of becoming the next president of the USA.”

This light-hearted comparison did not sit well with a social media user, who responded with a caustic comment about Akhtar’s father and his role during the Partition era. The user wrote, “Your father was instrumental in making Pakistan to have a nation just for Muslims, then in the guise of a progressive writer, he chose to remain in India. You are a son of a traitor who divided our nation on the lines of religion. Now you say anything but this is the truth.”

In a swift and decisive retort, Javed Akhtar lambasted the user, highlighting his family’s storied involvement in the Indian freedom movement. He replied, “It is difficult to decide whether you are ignorant or a complete idiot. From 1857 my family has been involved with the freedom movement and has gone to jails and Kala paani when most probably your baap dadas were licking the boots of Angrez sarkar.”

Javed Akhtar, well-regarded for his sharp wit and eloquence, did not mince words in defending his family’s honor. His response underscored the deep-rooted history of his forefathers’ participation in the fight for India’s independence, contrasting it with what he insinuated was the subservience of the troll’s ancestors to British rule.

Further shedding light on Javed Akhtar’s personal life, his wife, Shabana Azmi, addressed rumors surrounding his professional split from Salim Khan. During an appearance on Arbaaz Khan’s chat show “The Invincibles,” the multiple National Award-winning actress candidly discussed the separation.

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. When asked about their split, she disclosed, “Till today I do not know why Salim-Javed split. I did not get involved since I thought it was a personal decision. But I think what was happening was that he (Javed) was going through some change. He had started writing poetry, he was moving into another kind of world. I don’t know what happened and why they ever split. But I do know he was a happier person having taken this huge risk. There is no merit or demerit from my end.”

This insight from Shabana Azmi paints a picture of personal evolution and change being factors in the celebrated duo’s professional split, rather than any animosity or professional disputes. Javed Akhtar himself had previously shared his perspective in an interview with Mojo Story earlier this year. On addressing the reasons behind the split, he said, “We did not fight, there was no issue about credit, there was never any issue about money, there was nothing. We just grew apart. One realized that the relationship is no longer there, that we now don’t sit together in the evening, we have our own set of friends. Gradually that happened and the rapport weakened, and it was reflecting on our work also.”

Javed Akhtar’s response on social media, combined with Shabana Azmi’s reflections, offers a holistic view of a man who has not only contributed immensely to Indian culture and cinema but also fiercely protects his family’s honor and legacy. In an era where social media conversations can often spiral into toxicity, Akhtar’s responses serve as a masterclass in dignified rebuttal and upholding one’s lineage against derogatory remarks.

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