Kendrick Lamar Emerges Triumphant in Music Video for “Not Like Us” Amid Drake Feud

Kendrick Lamar’s victory lap in the rap world continues with the release of his highly anticipated music video for the song “Not Like Us.” This track, which quickly gained notoriety for its sharp disses aimed at fellow artist Drake, now has a visual companion, further cementing Lamar’s triumphant narrative in their ongoing feud.

The rivalry between Kendrick Lamar and Drake, which ignited back in May, has seen both artists exchanging barbs through multiple diss tracks. However, with “Not Like Us” not only topping the Billboard Hot 100 but also generating substantial buzz, many in the industry believe that Lamar has taken the upper hand in this musical battle. The newly released video, rich with cultural references and pointed personal jabs, stands as a definitive statement in this high-profile rivalry.

The music video for “Not Like Us” was released shortly after Lamar’s explosive “The Pop Out” concert, where he performed the song six times in a row, much to the delight of his fervent fans. Directed by Kendrick Lamar himself alongside Dave Free, the video is a visual feast, featuring a myriad of West Coast hip-hop icons. Among the prominent figures making appearances is Mustard, who not only produced the track but also makes a notable onscreen appearance wearing a Toronto Blue Jays cap—a subtle yet clear jab at Drake, who is a well-known Toronto native.

Adding to the video’s star power are cameos by various influential figures. One of the most notable is Tommy the Clown, a popular figure in West Coast pop culture. Compton-born NBA star DeMar DeRozan makes a compelling appearance, further connecting the visual narrative to Lamar’s roots. Another significant cameo is from Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, the CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment, Lamar’s record label.

The video’s opening scene sets the tone in dramatic fashion, with Lamar performing push-ups on cinder blocks.

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. This isn’t just a random choice of exercise; it’s a direct reference to Drake’s song “Push Ups” and a nod to a photo of Lamar that Drake had previously mocked, turning the tables in a poetic yet ferocious manner.

Personal elements are interwoven into the video, adding layers to the narrative. Lamar’s partner, Whitney Alford, and their two children appear, dancing together in a heartwarming scene. This moment serves as a pointed rebuttal to Drake’s controversial track “Family Matters,” which had suggested that co-director Dave Free was the father of one of Lamar’s children with Alford, stirring up personal tensions between the artists.

Symbolism is rife throughout the video, particularly with numerous references to owls, which are associated with Drake’s OVO label. The video features multiple instances of these nocturnal creatures, from an owl perched on Lamar’s arm to another trapped in a cage, and even a piñata of an owl being smashed. The video humorously underscores this symbolism with a playful disclaimer stating, “no OVHoes were harmed during the making of this video,” poking fun at Drake’s OVO label in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

The visuals are not just a display of artistic prowess but are rich with meaning and layers for fans and critics to dissect. The choice of featuring other prominent figures from the West Coast hip-hop scene and members of Lamar’s close circle of friends and family adds an authenticity that resonates with audiences.

The Kendrick-Drake feud has been a focal point in the rap community for months. Both artists have leveraged their considerable platforms to take shots at each other, but with the success of “Not Like Us” and the critical acclaim of its accompanying music video, it seems that Kendrick Lamar is solidifying his position as a dominant force in this ongoing battle.

As the world watches this intense feud unfold, Kendrick Lamar’s recent artistic endeavors, including the music video for “Not Like Us,” continue to captivate and intrigue. By blending personal narrative with pointed disses and rich cultural references, Lamar not only furthers his own legend in the rap world but also brings the ongoing rivalry with Drake to an epic, visually stunning climax.