Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley Set to Welcome First Child

In an exciting development for Hollywood and fans around the globe, Academy Award-nominated actress Margot Robbie is anticipating the arrival of her first child with her husband, Tom Ackerley. The news was confirmed by multiple sources to People Magazine, igniting a flurry of congratulations and well-wishes for the beloved couple.

Margot Robbie, who has captivated audiences with her exceptional performances in films such as I, Tonya and Birds of Prey, is 34 years old. She and Tom Ackerley, also 34, have a unique love story that began on the set of the film Suite Francaise in 2013. Their journey from co-workers to life partners culminated in a deeply private wedding ceremony held in Byron Bay, Australia, in December 2016. Their engagement was equally low-profile, with many fans and colleagues taken by surprise upon hearing of their marriage.

The couple has been known for their tight-knit and collaborative relationship, especially through their joint venture, LuckyChap Entertainment. Co-founded along with Robbie’s childhood friend Sophia Kerr and their close associate Josey McNamara, LuckyChap Entertainment has been instrumental in bringing some of the most talked-about films to the screen. Their production credits include highly acclaimed movies such as I, Tonya – in which Robbie played the lead role of controversial figure skater Tonya Harding – and the critically successful Birds of Prey.

Most recently, LuckyChap Entertainment produced Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, a film that has already garnered substantial buzz and recognition. Notably, Barbie is in contention for the Best Picture award at the 2024 Oscars, highlighting the production house’s growing influence and success within the film industry.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Ackerley opened up about their seamless integration of personal and professional lives. “[We spend] 24 hours a day [together],” he revealed, illustrating how their work and home lives meld without the need for strict boundaries. “It’s seamless. We don’t have a toggle on, toggle off. It’s all become one thing.” Their ability to balance their professional commitments and personal relationship has often been cited as a key factor in their successful partnership.

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Despite the public interest in their lives, representatives for both Robbie and Ackerley have remained tight-lipped regarding the pregnancy, refraining from making any official comments about the news to People Magazine. The couple’s privacy has always been a priority, and this significant life event seems no different.

Margot Robbie’s career has been marked by a series of impressive achievements, not just in front of the camera but also behind the scenes. Apart from playing central roles in major Hollywood productions, she has taken on the mantle of a producer, contributing significantly to the creative processes of her projects. Among her noteworthy future endeavors is the highly anticipated film Queen of the Air, based on the inspiring story of trapeze artist Leitzel.

Robbie’s influence in the industry extends beyond acting and producing. She has become a cultural icon, often mentioned in discussions about influential women in Hollywood. Her journey from a young actress in Australia to an international superstar has been both inspirational and illustrative of her dedication to her craft.

Tom Ackerley, meanwhile, has built a multifaceted career in the entertainment industry. In addition to producing, Ackerley has tried his hand at acting and even directing, diversifying his skill set and proving his versatility. His collaboration with Robbie and their team at LuckyChap Entertainment continues to be a formidable force in filmmaking circles.

As the entertainment world eagerly awaits more details about Robbie’s pregnancy, fans and colleagues alike are offering their enthusiastic support. The announcement has only added to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming projects from both LuckyChap Entertainment and the couple themselves. Their journey is not only a personal milestone but also a testament to their remarkable journey together, both professionally and personally.

This momentous news signifies a new chapter in the lives of Margot Robbie and Tom Ackerley, promising exciting times ahead for the couple. As they prepare to embrace parenthood, the world watches in admiration, eager to witness the next phase of their already stellar journey.

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