Riz Ahmed Shines in Upcoming Film ‘Dammi’: Release Date Announced on MUBI

MUBI, the global streaming service known for its eclectic selection of films, has officially revealed the release date for the highly anticipated short film “Dammi.” Directed by Yann Demange, a BAFTA Award nominee, and starring the remarkably talented Academy Award winner Riz Ahmed, “Dammi” will be available for streaming worldwide exclusively on MUBI starting July 12.

The anticipation surrounding “Dammi” has been building since its premiere at the 2023 Locarno Film Festival, where it garnered immense praise from critics and audiences alike. The film then went on to have its North American debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, further solidifying its status as a must-watch piece of cinema. Critics have particularly lauded the film’s compelling storytelling and the emotionally gripping performances of its cast.

“Dammi” is a collaborative creation, with the script penned by Yann Demange and Rosa Attab. The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast featuring Souheila Yacoub, Yousfi Henine, and includes notable appearances by Oscar nominee Isabelle Adjani and César Award nominee Sandor Funtek. This assembly of brilliant actors contributes to the rich tapestry of the film’s narrative.

The storyline of “Dammi” revolves around a man, interpreted by Riz Ahmed, who embarks on a deeply personal journey as he returns to Paris in search of reconnection with his estranged father, played by Yousfi Henine. This quest is not just a physical journey but an emotional one, as the protagonist navigates through fragmented memories of his past and surreal encounters in the present. The film delves into themes of identity, heritage, and the complexity of familial relationships.

Alexandre Mattiussi, the founder and creative director of AMI PARIS, produced “Dammi” and has expressed significant admiration for Yann Demange’s vision. “There was a strong desire to produce a genuine cinema story,” Mattiussi explained. “This was the start of an extraordinary adventure with Yann Mounir Demange, a director whom I have admired for a long time. He created ‘Dammi,’ a magnificent, moving, very intimate short film about his father and his childhood.”

Riz Ahmed’s involvement in “Dammi” is one of the film’s most compelling aspects. Ahmed won his first Oscar in 2022 for Aneil Karia’s live-action short film “The Long Goodbye,” a project he co-wrote and starred in.

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. His performance in “The Long Goodbye” was widely celebrated, adding another accolade to his already impressive career. In 2021, Ahmed also earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his role in “Sound of Metal,” where his portrayal of a drummer losing his hearing was met with critical acclaim.

In “Dammi,” Ahmed’s character’s journey is portrayed with a depth and authenticity that only someone of his caliber could deliver. The character’s return to Paris serves as a backdrop for exploring profound themes related to identity and coming to terms with one’s past. Through his poignant performance, Ahmed captures the nuanced emotions of a man grappling with the ghosts of his history while seeking a future defined by understanding and acceptance.

The film’s director Yann Demange is no stranger to acclaim, having received recognition for his previous works. His ability to create a narrative that resonates on such a personal level is a testament to his skill as a filmmaker. “Dammi” is expected to further cement his reputation as a visionary director who excels in telling human stories that are both intimate and universally relatable.

Isabelle Adjani, a seasoned actress with numerous accolades including an Oscar nomination, and Sandor Funtek, a César Award nominee, also bring their considerable talents to the film. Their contributions, alongside those of Souheila Yacoub and Yousfi Henine, create a dynamic and compelling viewing experience that promises to engage audiences deeply.

As the release date approaches, the excitement for “Dammi” continues to grow. MUBI’s decision to stream the film globally allows a wider audience to experience this significant work. With its striking narrative, exceptional performances, and a director whose vision shines through every frame, “Dammi” is poised to make a lasting impact.

Cinema enthusiasts and fans of Riz Ahmed worldwide will certainly have July 12 marked on their calendars, eager to delve into the evocative world of “Dammi.” As streaming platforms continue to evolve, MUBI remains at the forefront, offering a platform for distinctive films that push the boundaries of storytelling and cinematic artistry. “Dammi,” with its exploration of identity, memory, and family, is a perfect addition to MUBI’s curated lineup, promising to be a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant experience for all who watch it.

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