Saqib Saleem and Sonakshi Sinha: A Creative Partnership in Horror Comedy ‘Kakuda’

Saqib Saleem had not one but several compelling reasons to say yes to the upcoming film, “Kakuda.” The actor found himself drawn to the intriguing script of the horror comedy that unfolds in the backdrop of a small town cursed by a spirit. For him, it was more than just a movie role—it was an opportunity to collaborate with director Aditya Sarpotdar, renowned for his recent success with “Munjya.” But what stood out the most for Saqib was his excitement to delve into the horror comedy genre, a space he genuinely loves. “I love the genre. Be it ‘Stree’ [2018], ‘Bhediya’ [2022] or even ‘Munjya,’ balancing chills with humor is a combination I enjoy,” he remarked enthusiastically.

Adding to the allure was an exceptional cast lineup. With Riteish Deshmukh playing the role of a ghost-hunter and Sonakshi Sinha cast as his fiancée, the ensemble promised a rich experience. Saqib’s longstanding friendship with Sonakshi made the project all the more appealing. Although technically their first on-screen collaboration, their rapport was evident from a previous song they filmed for “Race 3” [2018], though it never made it to the final cut. “Sonakshi and I have been friends for a while. We have a great understanding, and that makes our scenes together authentic,” Saqib noted. He added, “She is a no-frills actor. She comes on set, performs the moment you say action, and when pack-up is called, she sits in her car and goes back home. She is the most professional actor I have come across. I have tremendous respect for her, even more now that I have worked with her.”

Their friendship not only added a layer of comfort on the set but also encouraged them to push each other creatively. This mutual respect and understanding translated into a smooth, enjoyable experience during production. “On a set, you should be around people who don’t make work feel like work. That’s what this film felt like,” Saqib expressed, attributing the film’s dynamic atmosphere to their camaraderie.

The film “Kakuda,” a name that has spiked curiosity, aims to strike a perfect balance between horror and comedy—a genre combination that is gaining popularity in Indian cinema.

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. Scripted around a small town plagued by a ghostly curse, the story promises not just scares but plenty of laughs. Saqib’s enthusiasm for genres like “Stree” and “Bhediya” finds a fitting outlet in this film. The actor has always been candid about his fondness for balancing dramatic tension with well-timed humor, a skill that proves essential in horror comedies.

Moreover, Saqib’s collaboration with director Aditya Sarpotdar is a significant milestone in his career. Sarpotdar, riding high on the success of “Munjya,” brings his unique vision and experienced hand to “Kakuda,” creating an environment that nurtures creativity and innovation. The director’s commitment to the genre adds a layer of authenticity to the film, ensuring that it offers more than just surface-level scares and gags.

Saqib’s relationship with Sonakshi Sinha stands out in this tale of haunted comedies and creative endeavors. Describing her as a “no-frills actor,” Saqib has high praise for Sonakshi’s professionalism and dedication. Their previous collaboration in a song for “Race 3,” though never released, laid the groundwork for an even stronger partnership in “Kakuda.” This shared history lent a natural ease to their performances, making each scene more authentic and engaging.

The two actors share more than just a professional bond; their friendship brings an extra layer of depth to their on-screen chemistry. Saqib highlights how their mutual respect and understanding allowed them to elevate their scenes, pushing each other creatively. This synergy made the filming process not just bearable but truly enjoyable. “On a set, you should be around people who don’t make work feel like work. That’s what this film felt like,” Saqib emphasized.

Saqib Saleem’s decision to join the cast of “Kakuda” reflects not just his personal interests but also his professional aspirations. Intrigued by a strong script and drawn to the opportunity to work with an acclaimed director, Saqib saw in “Kakuda” the chance to explore a beloved genre further. His collaboration with the talented and professional Sonakshi Sinha added another layer of appeal, ensuring that the project was as enjoyable as it was professionally enriching.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian cinema, “Kakuda” stands poised to contribute significantly to the horror-comedy genre. With the combined talents of Saqib Saleem and Sonakshi Sinha, under the seasoned direction of Aditya Sarpotdar, the film is set to provide both scares and laughs, resonating with audiences looking for a balanced cinematic experience. With high expectations and a strong foundation, “Kakuda” promises to be a film worth watching, offering a glimpse into the seamless blend of horror and comedy.

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