Shruti Sharma’s Stand Against On-Screen Intimacy: A Journey of Principle and Triumph

Television shows in India have undergone considerable transformation over the decades, especially when it comes to content relatability and acceptability. In the 1980s, shows like Hum Log and Buniyaad set a benchmark in promoting family values and holding a conservative aura. Fast forward to the recent decade, and television has begun embracing what is termed as ‘bold’ content, introducing themes and scenes that once wouldn’t have made it past the censors. Despite this shift, many actors have drawn a line, finding the demand for on-screen kisses and intimate scenes as a bridge too far. This stance has often cost them roles, but their principles have remained unwavering. One such actress, making waves on the OTT platforms, yet immensely popular on TV, is Shruti Sharma.

**The Actress Who Lost Roles After Refusing to Do Intimate Scenes**

Shruti Sharma, a prominent figure on the Hindi television landscape since 2018, first graced the screens with her nuanced portrayal of an IPS officer in the hit show Gathbandhan. Her performance opened doors, leading her to finish third in India’s Next Superstars and earning recognition as a talented newcomer. This was followed by her forays into regional cinema with the 2019 Telugu film Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, and later stepping onto the Bollywood stage with the film Pagglait. However, her journey hasn’t been an uninterrupted climb; she’s lost several roles owing to her firm stance against intimate scenes and on-screen kisses.

In a revealing chat with the Times of India, Shruti opened up about her discomfort with intimate scenes. “I will not ever go bold on screen. Bold and intimate scenes are a complete no-no for me. I wouldn’t be able to do that on screen,” she said, highlighting how she has turned down several projects that demanded such performances. Despite the potential opportunities lost, Shruti does not express regret over her decisions.

**Shruti Sharma’s OTT Debut and Critical Acclaim**

Shruti Sharma’s principles did not hinder her from making a significant mark on the OTT (Over-The-Top) platform earlier this year.

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. She debuted in a supporting role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s first web series Heeramandi. Playing Shama, a maid in the kotha, Shruti’s performance stole hearts, with critics and audiences heaping praise on her portrayal and on-screen presence. Many viewers went as far as to suggest that Shruti deserved a more prominent role in the series’ second season, comparing her favorably to the lead actress Sharmin Segal, who faced substantial criticism for her performance.

It’s worth noting that even in Heeramandi, Shruti faced the prospect of performing an on-screen kiss. She recalls her experience, saying, “I was crying after reading the complete script of Heeramandi, as I had kissing scenes.” Bhansali, respecting Shruti’s boundaries, ultimately decided to remove the scene, ensuring she could perform comfortably. This decision not only maintained Shruti’s principles but showcased Bhansali’s sensitivity to his actors.

**The Adhering Principles and Future Prospects**

Shruti Sharma’s dedication to her principles has not made her journey easy, yet she has stood steadfast, proving that adherence to personal values can coexist with professional success. This example resonates especially in a domain where pushing boundaries is often seen as a requisite for prominence.

Looking ahead, Shruti has hinted at a return to traditional television, admitting she has received several good offers. Whether she chooses to step back onto the small screen or continue exploring the vast opportunities that the digital platform provides remains to be seen, but her choices will undoubtedly continue to be guided by her steadfast beliefs.


In an era where bold content is frequently equated with progressiveness, Shruti Sharma stands as an embodiment of the idea that personal boundaries hold equally significant value. Her career trajectory exemplifies that success doesn’t always necessitate compromise of values and that standing by one’s principles can resonate powerfully within one’s profession.

As the television and web series landscape continues to evolve, Shruti Sharma’s journey and choices underline an important narrative – that of integrity and the strength of character. Her story is not just an isolated anecdote but a broader commentary on the power of holding onto one’s beliefs in an ever-changing industry.