Tarun Dudeja Reveals the Challenges and Humor Behind ‘Bad Newz’

There is always a second chance in the world of cinema. Just nine months ago, director Tarun Dudeja experienced a subdued debut with his film Dhak Dhak. However, now he stands at the helm of a much-anticipated release, Bad Newz, starring Vicky Kaushal, Triptii Dimri, and Ammy Virk. This forthcoming movie has already generated considerable excitement ahead of its theatrical debut. Reflecting on the contrasting experiences, Dudeja shares, “Dhak Dhak didn’t even have a trailer launch event. For Bad Newz’s trailer launch, I was seated in the first row. Hearing Karan Johar [producer] and Vicky [Kaushal] mention my name was exhilarating. The entire experience was the opposite of what I had for Dhak Dhak.”

The contrasts between Dhak Dhak and Bad Newz go beyond their release footprints. The films are worlds apart in terms of genre and tonality. While Dhak Dhak focused on the journey of four women on a transformative road trip, Bad Newz, directed by Anand Tiwari, delves into the comedy genre, exploring the peculiar medical phenomenon known as heteropaternal superfecundation. This condition occurs when a woman becomes pregnant with twins from different men.

Recounting the development of the script, Dudeja recalls, “I was introduced to the original story written by Ishita Moitra three years back. It was initially inspired by a newspaper article about a similar case in China. Ishita, along with Somen Mishra, who is a creative producer at Dharma Productions, meticulously built a world around this concept. Anand and I took this foundation and continually experimented with it. Our goal was to blend the essence of ’90s comedies with realistic and deeply rooted emotions to make it logical and relatable.”

Dudeja acknowledges the challenges of writing a comedy. “Creating a comedy is always tough, especially when it comes to crafting dialogues that hit the mark. Anand [Tiwari] and I invested a significant amount of effort to fine-tune the comedic elements. Additionally, we were acutely aware that the emotional scenes and conflicts needed to be penned with sensitivity.”

One of the significant challenges in comedy filmmaking is translating humor from the script to the screen.

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. However, Dudeja expresses confidence in his lead actors, attributing much of the film’s anticipated success to their stellar performances. “Vicky Kaushal, Triptii Dimri, and Ammy Virk all have exceptional comic timing, and they truly elevated our script with their performances,” he praises.

A standout moment in the film’s trailer is a meta joke involving Vicky Kaushal. In the scene, Kaushal’s character quips that one would have to pass over his dead body to tear down a poster of Katrina Kaif, who incidentally is his wife in real life. Dudeja shares a laugh as he recounts this moment, “That joke was in the script from the beginning. We wanted to include some Vicky-centric jokes. More than anyone else, Vicky himself found this joke hilarious. His delivery of the dialogue adds layers of humor to an already funny line.”

The trajectory of Dudeja’s career represents a fascinating journey, from a muted debut to a potentially blockbuster comedy. Bad Newz promises not only to entertain but also to resonate emotionally with audiences. The film’s humor is described as being both nostalgic and contemporary, appealing to a wide range of viewers, thanks to its blend of ’90s comedic elements and modern-day sensibilities.

Balancing emotion and humor in a comedy film is no small feat. “Today’s audience is much more evolved, and they expect a certain depth, even in comedy,” Dudeja remarks. “Successfully balancing the comedic with the heartfelt moments was our primary objective. We wanted to evoke the innocent, lighthearted vibes of ’90s comedies but with a nuanced touch that today’s viewers appreciate.”

To ensure this delicate balance, Dudeja and his team meticulously crafted both the slapstick and the sensitive scenes, making sure they aligned seamlessly to provide a coherent and enjoyable experience. “The collaboration between the writing and the acting has to be perfect. With actors like Vicky, Triptii, and Ammy, the result is beyond what we imagined on paper,” he says.

This carefully orchestrated blend of comedy and emotion paves the way for what may be a significant step forward for Indian cinema. Bad Newz seems poised to not only be a box-office hit but also a film that demonstrates the evolving nature of humor in storytelling.

As the release date approaches, audiences are eager with anticipation, not just to laugh, but to also feel the genuine emotion behind the comedy. With strong performances and a well-crafted script, Bad Newz is shaping up to be much more than just a second chance for Dudeja—it’s set to be a thoroughly entertaining and emotionally rewarding film for viewers.