Tisca Chopra Opens Up About Ageism Incident in 2016 Project Recasting

Acclaimed actress Tisca Chopra has recently shed light on a disillusioning experience from 2016 where she was replaced by a younger actress just days before the commencement of filming. In a candid interview with Galatta Plus, Tisca recounted the unsettling episode that reflects a broader issue within the entertainment industry—ageism.

In the year 2016, as Tisca was preparing for an upcoming project, a sudden turn of events saw her being dismissed and swapped with a younger actress. This unwelcome news was delivered to her by the director less than a week before the filming was set to begin. “We were all set, having done prep, costumes, lines and everything. Then about four days before the shoot, the director told me that they were going with someone younger,” Tisca shared ruefully.

While the director attributed this decision to the producers, Tisca sensed a deeper, more systemic issue at play. She continued, “He tried to fob it off by saying it’s the call of the producers. But I could see that it was just… I didn’t want to hear that anymore.” This incident forced Tisca to confront the industry’s obsession with youth and beauty, a stark realization that resonated deeply with her.

“By that time, I also got a sense of the fact that there were things going on in my head that I had been ignoring for some time. I’ve had the benefit of working with wonderful directors and learning from them by watching their process and imbibing that. If youth and beauty are the only two things that are attractive in a particular market, my insides rebelled against that. If they are interested only in young and beautiful, it’s a very sad world we’re living in.” Tisca added with a tinge of disappointment.

Not one to be disheartened for long, Tisca has continued to forge a successful career in acting, recently appearing in the thriller series ‘Murder Mubarak’ on Netflix and ‘Dahan’, which aired on the OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar.

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. Both shows received positive responses from audiences, showcasing her versatility and talent.

‘Dahan’, a 9-episode series, delves into societal beliefs, posing challenges to its characters as they face their deepest and darkest fears. The narrative begins with a mining expedition that threatens a village temple said to be cursed. Tisca plays an IAS officer named Avani Raut, who embarks on a mission to combat age-old superstitions amidst a torrent of mysterious killings and disappearances. Set against the rugged landscapes of Rajasthan, the story intertwines cursed caves, hidden treasures, and generational secrets, creating a rich tapestry of suspense and intrigue.

Reflecting on her role in ‘Dahan’, Tisca detailed, “What I love most about Dahan – Raakan ka Rahasya is how it captures raw fear as each character faces their own demons. Avani Raut, my character, fights personal and professional battles when she is caught in the crossfire of superstition and the supernatural and reason and practicality on the other. The show puts the character Avani Raut on a quest by drawing parallels between her external and internal fears, which all of us confront. It’s been an absolute delight to bring Dahan and Avani to the audiences. I’m extremely proud to bring this layered grey character on a prestigious platform like Disney+ Hotstar.”

Through her resilience and commitment to her craft, Tisca Chopra continues to be an inspiring figure in the entertainment industry, advocating for a more inclusive and less superficial perspective on age and beauty. Her eloquent articulation of the challenges she faced in 2016 underscores a significant discussion about ageism, not just in Bollywood but across various fields.

Tisca’s story sends a potent message about breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes. It is a call to reassess and redefine what it means to be marketable in the entertainment industry. As she continues to engage audiences with her captivating portrayals, Tisca Chopra remains a powerful voice against the age-old prejudices that still influence casting decisions today.

The conversation around ageism and the industry’s fixation on youth is far from over, and voices like Tisca’s are crucial in paving the way for change.

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