Triptii Dimri Addresses ‘National Crush’ Label Amidst ‘Bad Newz’ Buzz

During the much-anticipated trailer launch event of her upcoming film in Mumbai on Friday, Triptii Dimri was posed with a question that has fascinated audiences across India: How does she feel about being labeled as the ‘national crush’? The actress, who gained immense popularity after co-starring with Ranbir Kapoor in the 2023 blockbuster Animal, took a moment to reflect on this newfound tag.

Triptii Dimri, who is now gearing up for her next cinematic venture, ‘Bad Newz,’ where she stars alongside Vicky Kaushal and Ammy Virk, did not shy away from the topic. When asked about the ‘national crush’ moniker, she appeared to be both humbled and appreciative. She stated, “In my experience, luckily, I would like to thank God because in my experience, it has been the other way around. In many films I have done in my career, whether they are the older films that I did earlier, or the ones that have released recently, I have received a lot of love from my audience. People have liked my work and have spoken about it.”

Elaborating further, Triptii highlighted how she always wished for her work to be the primary focus of public discourse. “Initially, when I came into the industry, I always wanted people should talk about my work and nothing else,” she said. “Luckily, when my films have released, they have spoken about my work. I think these things motivate us actors to do better in life and to keep working on our craft and I think, that way I have been very fortunate.”

The ‘Bad Newz’ trailer launch was not only a significant event for Triptii, but also for the entire star-studded cast of the film. Clad in fashionable ensembles, the cast made a striking appearance. Vicky Kaushal, who grabbed immense attention with his eye-catching new hairdo, donned a stylish denim jacket paired with black pants and a black t-shirt, exuding an air of cool sophistication that set the tone for the evening.

‘Bad Newz’ is a unique comedic take on a rare and peculiar pregnancy phenomenon known as heteropaternal superfecundation. In this rareedgy comedy, Triptii Dimri plays Saloni, who discovers that she is pregnant with twins from two different fathers. The roles of the fathers, Akhil and Gurbir, are played by Vicky Kaushal and Ammy Virk, respectively. The film seeks to bring out the hilarity and heartwarming moments that ensue from this surreal discovery, making it a much-anticipated release.

During the event, the cast discussed the various dimensions of the film and what attracted them to their respective roles.

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. Triptii shared her excitement about taking on such a challenging and offbeat role. “The character of Saloni is very different from anything I’ve done before. Playing a woman who finds herself in such an unimaginable situation was both daunting and thrilling,” she commented. “I think the audience will find it both hilarious and touching at the same time.”

Director Avantika Rawat shared her vision for ‘Bad Newz,’ emphasizing its unique storyline and the blend of comedy with real-life medical improbability. “When I first read about heteropaternal superfecundation, I knew it had all the elements for an intriguing and entertaining film. The idea of twins with different fathers sounds like something out of a fantastical realm, but there is a rare reality behind it,” she explained. “I wanted to bring that out, combined with a comedic touch.”

The movie’s producer, Rohit Joshi, added, “We believe ‘Bad Newz’ will break new ground in terms of storytelling in Bollywood. It’s a comedy at heart, but it also brings attention to a very unique medical phenomenon that many people are not aware of. The chemistry among the cast members is amazing, and we are excited for everyone to see what they’ve brought to the screen.”

Fans and critics alike are eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Bad Newz,’ which promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, combining rib-tickling humor with moments that tug at the heartstrings. This promising film is set to navigate through an uncharted territory of human experiences.

As Triptii Dimri continues her ascendant path in the film industry, her ability to tackle diverse roles with grace and authenticity solidifies her status not just as India’s ‘national crush,’ but as a versatile and dedicated artist. Her upcoming film ‘Bad Newz’ is set to hit the theaters soon, and all eyes are on Triptii to see how she brings her unique flair to this unconventional narrative.

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