Vijay’s Inspirational Message: Youth Should Champion Fact-Checking and Avoid Drug Use

Actor and the leader of Tamizhaga Vettri Kazhagam (TVK), Vijay, honoured the academic excellence of students who topped the recent 10th and 12th-grade examinations at a special meet-and-greet event held on Friday. The event took place at the Ramachandra Convention Center in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, drawing praise and applause from attendees.

Addressing the meritorious students, Vijay began by extending heartfelt congratulations and offered sage advice regarding their career choices. He empathized with those who might be feeling anxious or confused about their future paths. “Some of you might be a bit anxious or confused in making decisions about your career. To all of them, I would like to say that all vocations are good; all that matters to be successful is choosing a field of work and giving your 100% to it. So, choose wisely; understand the options available, and talk to your parents, teachers, and career counsellors to help you make the decision,” advised Vijay.

Vijay, prominently known as the “Greatest of All Time” for his versatile acting career, also emphasized the importance of leadership beyond conventional professions. “Many consider only medicine or engineering as viable professional fields; in Tamil Nadu, we already have world-class doctors, engineers, and lawyers in abundance. What we are currently lacking is good leaders. By that, I don’t just mean political leaders, but also those who can climb the ladder and become a leader in their respective fields,” he stated. Encouraging the students to envision a future where politics could be a prospective career for the well-educated youth, he posed a significant question: “Don’t you all want to see good, educated people in politics?”

As part of his wider message, Vijay introduced an unconventional yet pressing skill for the students to master – fact-checking news. In his speech, he highlighted the vital role that vigilant journalism plays in shaping a well-informed society. “All you need to do is read newspapers regularly, and you will realise how the same news story gets reported in different ways in different newspapers. Reporting on facts is different from reporting an opinion. At the same time, you can also see how news portals on social media can create an opinion about somebody, and how they can project a good as bad or a bad as good,” Vijay explained. He emphasized that cultivating this skill would enable the youth to navigate through propaganda and fallacies often propagated by political campaigns. “You will stop believing in the propaganda and lies that some political parties spread in their campaigns.

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. And only when you do that, you will get the right worldview to choose the leaders. There’s no better contribution to our nation’s growth than this,” he affirmed.

On a more personal and social level, Vijay addressed a critical issue plaguing the youth of Tamil Nadu – drug abuse. He strongly advised the young audience to resist negative influences and steer clear of drugs and other unethical activities. His cautionary plea followed closely on the heels of his recent visit to the victims of the Kallakuruchi hooch tragedy. “Don’t lose your identity at any cost. Of late in Tamil Nadu, there’s been a big spike in the use of drugs among youngsters. As a father and as a leader of a political party, I am scared of this situation. I am not here to accuse the ruling government of being unable to protect youngsters from drug abuse. I am saying that sometimes we need to take care of our lives first. Develop self-control and self-discipline. Say no to temporary pleasures, say no to drugs,” urged the actor-politician.

Vijay’s speech ended on an inspiring note for those who were unable to clear their examinations. He emphasized resilience and the importance of perseverance in the face of setbacks. “Success is never-ending. Failure is never final,” he concluded, leaving the students with a vital reminder to keep striving for their goals regardless of temporary setbacks.

This event was the first in a series of two student meet-and-greet events planned by Tamizhaga Vettri Kazhagam. The second event is scheduled to take place on July 3, promising to continue the discourse on leadership, informed citizenship, and the pressing issues affecting youth today.