Vikrant Massey Reveals Grueling Behind-The-Scenes Challenges in ‘Blackout’ Nighttime Shoots

Actor Vikrant Massey, who has been earning accolades for his compelling performance in the recently released streaming film ‘Blackout,’ has opened up about the extraordinary challenges he faced while filming. Massey shared that he drove throughout the entire night for numerous sequences featured in the film, adding an element of realism and intensity to his role. However, these nighttime shoots were far from simple, especially with the additional hurdles posed by heavy rain and complicated rig setups on the vehicle.

‘Blackout,’ directed by a team known for their immersive storytelling, is a collection of pulse-pounding car chase sequences, each meticulously filmed during nighttime. This setting not only elevates the tension of the film but also compounds the difficulties encountered by the production team. Massey provided deeper insights into these challenges, saying, “We had a lot of fun while shooting, but it was also a daunting task as we had to shoot all through the night. It was very challenging as there was heavy rainfall, and your entire car was rigged. Shooting in such conditions, with heavy rain and at night, on top of it, was quite difficult.”

The comedy-thriller hybrid that is ‘Blackout’ goes beyond surface-level entertainment by delving deep into human nature and examining the repercussions of actions taken amidst adversity. Massey’s commitment to authenticity adds a captivating layer to the film’s exploration of these themes, but it certainly did not come without its share of obstacles.

One of the most demanding aspects of the production was the reliability, or lack thereof, of the car’s equipment. Massey recounted how the car wiper would often fail, adding to the growing list of challenges. “Sometimes the car’s wiper wouldn’t work. Each time before getting into the car, I had to do a full 360-degree check to make sure each camera was properly mounted and every piece of equipment was securely in place,” he shared.

The responsibility for ensuring that the equipment remained functional and intact fell heavily on Massey and the crew. The stress of protecting expensive and delicate equipment was significant.

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. “The main stress was to protect the equipment. It wasn’t just challenging for the actors but also for the crew as we were shooting the whole night, which is mentally and physically exhausting and messes with your body cycle,” the actor elaborated.

Logistics further complicated the process. Blocking roads and coordinating action sequences in real-time added another level of difficulty. Crashing cars during these sequences required precise timing and coordination, turning each shoot into a high-stakes operation. “Road blocking, shooting action sequences, and crashing the cars was difficult,” Massey noted, highlighting the collective effort required to bring these adrenaline-fueled scenes to life.

The film’s production was spearheaded by Jyoti Deshpande and Niraj Kothari under Jio Studios and 11:11 Productions, and is now available for streaming on Jio Cinema. ‘Blackout’ has succeeded in captivating audiences with its thrilling narrative and visually striking sequences, but understanding the sheer amount of effort that went into its making adds a new level of appreciation for the film.

Massey’s revelations about the behind-the-scenes operations provide a fascinating look into the high-pressure environment of nighttime filmmaking, particularly under adverse weather conditions. The actor’s detailed recollection paints a vivid picture of the immense physical and mental stamina required from both the cast and crew. “The whole night you’re shooting is both mentally and physically exhausting and changes your body cycle,” Massey reiterated, giving credit to the determined spirit of the entire team.

In sharing these insights, Vikrant Massey highlights the often-overlooked challenges faced by actors and crew members during the production of a film. His candid commentary sheds light on the dedication and perseverance necessary to overcome such obstacles and deliver a performance that resonates with audiences. Through the rigors of nighttime shooting and the unpredictable elements, the team behind ‘Blackout’ managed to create a film that not only entertains but also leaves a lasting impact, thanks in no small part to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

As ‘Blackout’ continues to garner attention and praise, audiences and industry insiders alike are given a rare glimpse into the arduous process of creating a cinematic work. Vikrant Massey’s efforts, combined with the collective hard work of the cast and crew, underscore a profound dedication to the craft of filmmaking, reaffirming why ‘Blackout’ stands out as a noteworthy addition to contemporary cinema.