Zarine Khan Speaks on Daughter Sussanne’s Love Life and Deep Bond with Hrithik Roshan

Recently, prominent interior designer Zarine Khan, who is the mother of Sussanne Khan, opened up about her daughter’s personal life and ongoing cordial relationship with her ex-husband, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. Speaking to Times Entertainment, Zarine shared her insights on Sussanne’s current relationship with actor Arslan Goni and shed light on the enduring familial bond with Hrithik Roshan.

Sussanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan were once one of Bollywood’s most celebrated couples. The duo, who share two sons, decided to part ways in 2014. Since their separation, both Hrithik and Sussanne have moved on to new relationships but have managed to maintain a friendly and united front for the sake of their children.

In the interview, Zarine Khan expressed her delight over Sussanne finding love again with Arslan Goni. The couple is frequently seen gracing numerous events together and even enjoying double dates with Hrithik Roshan and his current partner, Saba Azad. Zarine remarked that she is entirely supportive of her daughter’s newfound happiness. She elaborated, “I am glad Sussanne has found love again with Arslan after her divorce from Hrithik. It brings me immense joy to see my daughter happy and content.”

Zarine also ventured outside the typical perspectives on marriage, touching on how today’s societal norms have shifted. “Marriage isn’t the sole necessity for happiness,” she stated. “If you’re lucky enough to find happiness with someone, that itself is a blessing. We can’t predict what the future holds; life is what you make of it now. The traditional belief that marriage is critical for a settled life is no longer prevalent. Look at Hollywood couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who have been happily together for years without tying the knot,” she added.

In today’s society, women often prioritize their careers and personal choices, and Zarine Khan was keen to highlight this paradigm shift. “Women today are independent and well-established in their careers. They desire to make their own decisions.

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. Marriage is just a bond, one that doesn’t always guarantee lifelong fulfillment,” she opined. “I am happy to see that Arslan and Sussanne share a joyous and career-oriented partnership.”

Zarine Khan didn’t hold back in discussing her fondness for Hrithik Roshan, affectionately known as ‘Duggu’. Despite the divorce, she emphasized that Hrithik continues to hold a special place in her heart. “Hrithik will always be my son. He is a wonderful human being. Though he and Sussanne are no longer together, they share an extraordinary friendship. They respect each other and co-parent effectively,” she said proudly.

Continuing to sing praises of Hrithik, Zarine went on, “Hrithik and Sussanne work hard to instill remarkable qualities in their children. Their mutual respect and dignified approach to their relationship are commendable. Despite their separation, they co-exist in a harmonious environment, which is beneficial for everyone involved, especially the kids.”

Even beyond her daughter’s love life, Zarine Khan’s perspective reflects a more inclusive, modern understanding of relationships and familial ties. The emphasis is on genuine happiness and the ability to adapt to new circumstances while maintaining respect and affection for past relationships.

Sussanne Khan, well-established in the field of interior design, appears to have balanced her personal and professional life adeptly. Her relationship with Arslan Goni adds a fresh chapter to her life, yet her strong, respectful bond with Hrithik Roshan continues to be a significant source of strength and stability for their family.

As Zarine Khan aptly noted, “Finding happiness today is a blessing. I am just glad to see that both Sussanne and Hrithik have continued to find happiness in their respective lives while supporting each other and their children in the most beautiful manner possible.”

Sussanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan serve as a testament to the fact that relationships can evolve beyond traditional expectations, maintaining love and respect long after the end of a romantic partnership.

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