Bengaluru Resident Wins Grand Lottery Prize in Abu Dhabi Becomes an Overnight Millionaire

A Bengaluru resident, Arun Kumar Vatakke Koroth, has recently become a millionaire after winning the grand prize of Dh20 million (Rs 44,75,67,571) in the Big Ticket draw series number 250 held in Abu Dhabi. This remarkable victory has transformed the man’s fortunes overnight, leaving him and his family in a state of joyous disbelief.

Arun Kumar Vatakke Koroth purchased his winning ticket, number 261031, on March 22 through the Big Ticket website. Astonishingly, it was only his second attempt at the prestigious raffle. He had previously learned about the Big Ticket live draws from friends and began participating by buying tickets online.

Upon receiving the life-changing call from the show’s host informing him of his win, Mr. Koroth’s initial reaction was one of skepticism. Believing it to be a prank, he hung up the phone and even went so far as to block the number. However, when he received a call shortly thereafter from a different number, the reality began to set in that he had actually won the grand prize.

“I could not believe that I had won the first prize. I am still in disbelief. I bought this ticket through the ‘buy two get one free’ option. The ticket I won was the third one,” Mr. Koroth said in an interview with Khaleej Times. The sense of disbelief and joy was evident as he recounted his unexpected windfall.

At the time of his monumental win, Arun Kumar Vatakke Koroth was undergoing knee surgery in a hospital. Despite his current health challenges, he has ambitious plans for his newfound wealth. “I have a dream. I will try to achieve the same,” he shared. Mr.

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. Koroth intends to use the substantial prize money to fulfill his long-held aspiration of starting his own business, thereby ensuring a secure future for himself and his family.

The excitement didn’t stop with Mr. Koroth. Another Indian national, Suresh Mathan, residing in Bahrain, secured the second prize of Dh100,000 (Rs 2,237,837), further showcasing the diverse and far-reaching appeal of the Big Ticket raffle. Additionally, an Oman-based Indian national, Muhammed Shefeek, clinched the third prize of Dh90,000, further demonstrating the UAE lottery’s generous payouts to winners.

Big Ticket raffle has always been a symbol of hope and dreams for many across the globe, particularly those in the UAE. The raffle draws, held every month in Abu Dhabi, offer substantial cash prizes to the lucky winners. The grand prize typically ranges from Dh15 million to Dh20 million, making it one of the most sought-after lotteries in the region.

Participants buy tickets with the aspiration and hope of changing their lives, drawing millions of dreams each month. The winners are selected randomly, and the whole process is transparent, with live draws conducted to ensure the integrity of the event.

The Big Ticket raffle has a storied history of transforming lives, with numerous tales of winners who have gone on to build businesses, support charitable ventures, or simply secure a better future for their families. The lottery’s allure lies not only in the substantial financial rewards but also in the life-changing impact it can have on ordinary individuals.

Arun Kumar Vatakke Koroth’s story is a testament to the power of these draws. What began as a casual interest in the raffle, spurred by friends, has turned into a multimillion-dirham windfall that is set to transform his life. The ‘buy two get one free’ ticket option proved to be a fateful choice, highlighting how a moment of chance can cause a seismic shift in one’s financial landscape.

As Mr. Koroth recuperates from his knee surgery, one can only imagine the newfound hopes and dreams he harbors, powered by his unexpected wealth. Stories like his inspire countless others to dream big and perhaps try their luck in the next Big Ticket draw, hoping to write their own rags-to-riches tale.

In conclusion, the Big Ticket raffle remains a beacon of hope and opportunity, captivating participants across various walks of life. For Bengaluru’s Arun Kumar Vatakke Koroth, this timely participation has paved the way for a dramatically changed future, demonstrating once more that dreams can indeed come true.