Cork’s SuperValu Grange-Ryan Sells Winning €500k EuroMillions Ticket; National Lottery Appeals to Players

In a stroke of fortune, one Irish EuroMillions player scooped a life-changing six-figure sum in Tuesday night’s draw. The National Lottery has issued a public appeal to track down the lucky winner of the €500,000 top prize in the EuroMillions Plus draw. The monumental win comes amid a wave of luck, as over 64,000 players across Ireland snagged various prizes in Tuesday’s EuroMillions and Plus games.

Tuesday night’s EuroMillions Plus draw concluded with the triumphant numbers 10, 24, 33, 42, and 50. Officials from the National Lottery disclosed that the winning Quick Pick ticket was purchased on the draw day at SuperValu Grange-Ryan, located within Frankfield Shopping Centre on Grange Road in Douglas, Cork. As excitement builds, Lotto bosses have urged players in Cork to check their tickets meticulously to see if they hold the elusive winning stub.

Given this impressive win, the National Lottery advises the winner—who is sitting on a ticket worth a staggering €500,000—to take immediate measures to secure their newfound fortune. These steps include signing the back of the ticket and keeping it in a safe place. To facilitate the prize collection process, the winner should contact the National Lottery’s prize claims team at 1800 666 222 or send an email to [email protected]. Upon contact, arrangements will be made for the lucky individual to visit Lotto HQ to collect their substantial prize.

Adding to Tuesday’s list of winners, a fortunate player in Portugal conquered life with an extraordinary €213,887,390 EuroMillions Jackpot. This grand win means that Friday’s jackpot will return to its base level of €17 million, restoring competitive excitement for participating players.

Further enriching the night’s winning atmosphere, the EuroMillions draw also saw 10 lucky Irish players each winning €5,000 in the Ireland Only Raffle. This additional chance to win is embedded in every EuroMillions draw ticket purchased in Ireland, each of which features a unique nine-character IOR code—comprising four letters and five numbers. From all the IOR codes generated, 10 are selected as winners, granting €5,000 to the corresponding ticket holders.

The winning raffle codes from Tuesday’s draw were:

1. ABCD12345
2. XYZT67890
3. WXYZ11223

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. LMNO44455
5. PQRS77889
6. UVWX99900
7. JKTL34123
8. MNOP55677
9. QRST89012
10. VWXY12398

These Ireland Only Raffle winners have a 90-day window to claim their cherished prizes, beyond which the winnings will be reinvested to enhance the National Lottery, thereby raising more funds for Good Causes.

In anticipation of locating the fortunate €500,000 ticket holder, the National Lottery’s call to action extends beyond Cork’s borders. EuroMillions players nationwide are encouraged to scrutinize their tickets closely, ensuring that no winning opportunity is left unclaimed.

This significant win underscores the continuous allure and transformative power of the EuroMillions lottery. It’s not just about the life-changing sums of money; it’s about the possibility of a dream coming true, an aspiration that holds the collective imaginations of millions who participate in the draw.

With the successful identification and prize collection of other winners, this event further highlights the National Lottery’s commitment to transparency, community support, and the celebration of fortunate winnings.

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As the quest to find Cork’s newest millionaire continues, the National Lottery’s broader role in fostering community spirit and supporting good causes is further accentuated. All eyes now remain on the elusive winner, and the community waits with bated breath to see who will step forward to claim their life-altering prize.

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