Ireland’s EuroMillions Bonanza: Over 87000 Players Win Big!

The results are in for Friday night’s EuroMillions and EuroMillions Plus draws, bringing joy and excitement to over 87,000 players across Ireland who have won prizes. The anticipation reached fever pitch as hopeful participants awaited the outcomes, and the evening did not disappoint—although the colossal jackpot itself went unclaimed, there were plenty of winners.

In the main EuroMillions draw, participants were eyeing a staggering jackpot of €195,721,466. The numbers drawn were: 03, 04, 07, 11, 17, with Lucky Stars 03 and 01. While no player from Europe succeeded in laying claim to the phenomenal jackpot, there was a stroke of fortune for some in Ireland. Three lucky winners managed to match five of the main numbers, each walking away with €6,468. It was a moment of triumph for these players amid the cheers and sighs of fellow participants who dreamt of hitting the jackpot.

Turning to the EuroMillions Plus draw, which offered a still substantial jackpot of €500,000, the numbers called were: 06, 08, 12, 19, and 37. Once again, the jackpot remained elusive, but this did not dampen the spirits of the 97 participants who successfully matched four numbers. Each of these astute players received a delightful prize of €2,000, further adding to the night’s exciting atmosphere.

Moreover, the Ireland Only Raffle added another layer of excitement. There were 10 fortunate winners, each bagging a prize of €5,000. The winning raffle numbers, part of the grand announcement, were eagerly checked by hopeful players across the nation.

If you hold a winning ticket purchased in a shop, there is an important notice: you must claim your prize within 90 days from the draw date. The claim process underscores the ticket’s importance—as a bearer instrument, it must be treated like cash. This vital piece of paper is the only valid proof of a game played and must be presented for claiming the prize. To safeguard against loss or potential disputes, winners are advised to sign the back of all winning tickets before presenting them for payment.

Ensuring that players have an unambiguous winner validation process, the National Lottery asserts that a winning ticket will prompt a “winning sound” when checked or validated at a retailer’s terminal. This audio confirmation adds another layer of security and assurance to the prize-claiming procedure.

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For players who opted to participate online via or through the official app, the claiming process is streamlined as follows:

– For prize amounts ranging from €1 to €99, winnings are automatically transferred to the player’s online wallet. Players can withdraw these funds at any time by logging in, selecting their circled balance at the top right, and choosing “Withdraw funds.” These funds are then transferred as an e-payment to the card linked to the player’s verified account. If verification fails, or the card is unverified, a cheque will be issued instead.

– For prize winnings between €100 and €500, the same e-payment process to the linked card applies. Should any issues arise, or if verification cannot be completed, a cheque will act as the fallback.

– Significant winnings between €501 and €9,999 necessitate a PLI Claim Form, which is sent to the player once age and identification details are confirmed. The completed form must be returned before a cheque is issued.

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The night of the EuroMillions draw stands testament to the lottery’s draw in Ireland, bringing people together in their shared hopes and occasional victories. While the gigantic jackpot remains to be won, the individual wins exemplify the enduring thrill and the dreams nourished by each new ticket. This Friday night was no exception—it was a celebration for over 87,000 fortunate souls across Ireland.

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