Jubilant Celebrations at Limerick’s Fortunate Shop Following €8.9m Lotto Jackpot Win

It was a day filled with excitement and elation in Garryowen, Limerick, as Ireland’s luckiest shop once again made headlines. G O Stores, a fixture in the heart of the Garryowen community, confirmed that they had sold the winning ticket for last Saturday’s Lotto jackpot, a life-altering sum of over €8.9 million.

In a remarkable twist of fate, nearly two decades after the store sold a historic EuroMillions winning ticket, another fortunate Lotto player has struck gold. The lucky winner scooped an astonishing prize of €8,970,934 after accurately matching all six numbers plus the bonus during the draw held on Saturday night. The fortuitous numbers drawn were 01, 09, 10, 14, 26, 40, with the bonus ball being 04.

The National Lottery disclosed that the fortunate Quick Pick ticket, which sealed the eye-watering prize, was acquired on the day of the draw at G O Stores. Store owner Tom Brosnan, still reeling from the news, expressed a mix of disbelief and joy.

“We’re back on the map for a lottery win, big time,” said Brosnan. “It’s been almost 20 years since we sold the winning EuroMillions ticket to Dolores McNamara, but this win is just as magical. Most of our customers are local, and we’re absolutely thrilled for whoever it might be.”

History has a way of repeating itself, and for G O Stores, this latest achievement rekindled memories of 2005. Back then, the shop catapulted to fame across Europe when local resident Dolores McNamara clinched the then-largest EuroMillions jackpot ever – an astounding €115 million. This victory secured McNamara’s place in Irish lottery lore and forever crystallized the store’s status as a beacon of good fortune.

Tom Brosnan vividly recalls that historic day, and now, nearly two decades later, his living sentiments resurface with renewed astonishment. “The whole community has been down to the shop today,” Brosnan shared. “There’s a great buzz about the place and I’m sure the celebrations will continue for a good few weeks until the winner comes forward. Whoever they are, we wish them the very best of luck.”

Despite the palpable excitement, the identity of Saturday night’s Lotto winner remains a mystery.

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. The awarded momentous prize has yet to find its claimant. National Lottery officials have issued an urgent appeal, urging everyone who purchased a ticket for the April 20 draw to meticulously check their numbers and verify if they possess the winning ticket.

Success can be fleeting; thus, it is crucial for the winner to safeguard their newfound fortune promptly. Accordingly, the National Lottery has advised the winner to sign the back of their ticket immediately. To ensure proper arrangement, the lucky individual should contact the prize claims team at 1800 666 222 or send an email to [email protected]. This step will pave the way for commencing the process to collect their transformative amount.

As news of the win spread, the community of Garryowen came alive with joy and anticipation. Patrons of the lucky store, mostly locals, gathered to share in the excitement, extending best wishes to the anonymous winner whose life is now irrevocably changed. For many residents, this lottery win is a symbol of hope and possibility, further knitting the tight fabric of the community.

In the grand tapestry of Irish lottery history, small local establishments like G O Stores often become monumental. These moments of triumph transcend mere monetary value, carrying with them stories of chance, celebration, and change that resonate deeply within the communities they touch. For Garryowen, this newest chapter both honors the past and forges an invigorating path towards future possibilities.

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As the reverberations of this latest windfall continue to ripple through Garryowen, the entire community stands united in excitement. Their shared hope: to soon congratulate the newest addition to their extraordinary legacy of winners.