Laois Resident Celebrates €500000 EuroMillions Win Amid Disbelief

A Lotto player from Co Laois has unveiled an incredible journey of disbelief and excitement after winning the EuroMillions Plus jackpot, amounting to a staggering €500,000. Kevin Doheny, the fortunate winner, clinched this life-altering prize during the EuroMillions draw on May 14 following the purchase of a Quick Pick ticket just a day before the draw at Daybreak on Main Street, Borris in Ossory, Co Laois.

Doheny, who recently made his trip to the National Lottery Headquarters in Dublin to collect his enormous winnings, admitted that his decision to buy the ticket was purely spontaneous. “I was watching television when a sudden urge hit me to grab a ticket for that evening’s draw,” Doheny shared.

His sudden impulse led him to jump in his car and secure a ticket, which he then nonchalantly left inside his vehicle. The following day, as he checked his ticket, Doheny was stunned. “I was wondering if I was even in the right car because I thought I must be imagining things,” he recalled. His astonishment was so immense that he headed straight back to Daybreak in Borris in Ossory, where he confirmed his good fortune. “The lady at the counter was shocked too; such large wins aren’t commonplace!”

The shop staff immediately contacted the Claims Department, which confirmed Doheny’s windfall, setting him off on what he described as a “total whirlwind of a morning.” Accompanied by some of his siblings, Doheny’s trip to Lotto HQ marked the beginning of disbelief among his family members when he broke the news.

Remarkably, the first person he informed was his sister, vacationing in the USA. “It was 4am for her,” Doheny said, explaining how the time difference didn’t occur to him in his excitement. Shocked by the early call and the news it brought, his sister’s disbelief was only quelled when timely messages flooded their family Whatsapp group, reporting that a local had won big in the EuroMillions draw.

Local radio reports added to the buzz surrounding the Daybreak store where the winning ticket was sold. Capitalizing on the excitement, Doheny informed the group, “It’s me who won the €500,000.” He then faced the amusing challenge of convincing the rest of his family that he wasn’t joking.

Since his huge win, Doheny has received waves of congratulations from friends and community members. While he remains undecided about his future plans, a family celebration is imminent.

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. This sense of community and excitement sets the stage for the upcoming EuroMillions draw, with a colossal €130 million jackpot promising to make more dreams come true.

Ireland, since the launch of EuroMillions in 2004, has seen 17 jackpot winners. The anticipation of potentially adding another name to this illustrious list is palpable, especially with 11 life-changing wins already recorded this year. The EuroMillions Plus top prize of €500,000 has been claimed 10 times in places such as Dublin, Tipperary, Cork, Wicklow, Kilkenny, Laois, and Kildare. In addition, a lucky player in Cork bagged an impressive €1,005,000 in a special Ireland Only Raffle in May.

National Lottery spokesperson Sarah Orr reminded hopeful players to secure their tickets for the upcoming draw. “This year has already seen significant wins for EuroMillions players in Ireland, and Friday’s draw could make it even bigger,” she stated. Orr emphasized the possibility of an Irish player winning the €130 million jackpot, which would crown them as the 18th Irish EuroMillions jackpot winner.

With dreams soaring high, Orr encouraged all prospective winners to remember the cut-off time for ticket purchases. “Tickets can be bought nationwide, through our app, and online at before the 7.30pm cut-off on Friday evening.”

As Doheny basks in his newfound fortune, he stands as a testament to the life-changing potential of the EuroMillions. Meanwhile, nationwide, excitement brews as players gear up, dreaming of the chance to step into Doheny’s triumphant shoes.

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