Limerick’s Record-Setting Shop Strikes Again with €8.9 Million Lotto Win

The shop that transformed the lives of many with lottery riches has done it again. Garryowen Stores in Limerick City has been confirmed by the National Lottery as the outlet where the winning ticket for Saturday’s Lotto jackpot was sold. The jackpot, amounting to an astounding €8,970,934, marks one of the largest wins in National Lottery history, making this weekend unforgettable for one fortunate Limerick Lotto player.

The winning numbers in Saturday night’s draw were 01, 09, 10, 14, 26, 40, with the bonus number 04, creating a remarkable windfall for the player who matched all six numbers plus the bonus. This thrilling victory is reminiscent of the momentous event Garryowen Stores is known for—selling Dolores McNamara’s record-breaking EuroMillions ticket in 2005.

Back in July 2005, Dolores McNamara made headlines and history after purchasing a winning €115 million EuroMillions ticket at the same Garryowen Stores. Her win did not only stand as the largest lottery prize ever claimed in Ireland but also was the biggest lottery win across Europe at that time. McNamara’s life changed overnight, propelling her onto Ireland’s rich list and establishing the shop as a lucky landmark where dreams materialize.

Interestingly, McNamara revealed that her winning EuroMillions entry was a stroke of fate rather than a planned purchase. During an interview following her monumental win, she shared that she had initially meant to buy lines for the National Lottery. An impromptu decision led her to say yes when asked if she wanted a €2 EuroMillions ticket. “I didn’t know that this was a different draw to the Saturday night one on RTÉ television, so I just said yes,” she said, recounting how she opted for a quick-pick without even bothering to select numbers herself.

Saturday’s spectacular win represents the third Lotto jackpot win of 2024. As news of the win spreads, Lotto players in Limerick who participated in Saturday night’s draw are being strongly urged to check their tickets. The National Lottery is appealing to players, especially those who purchased their tickets in the Limerick City area for the April 20 draw, to meticulously examine their stubs.

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. One lucky player now holds a ticket worth over €8.9 million, but as of yet, they have not come forward to claim their life-changing prize.

The accumulation of wins adds to Garryowen Stores’ reputation as Ireland’s luckiest lottery retailer. The previous jackpot had eluded players since May, rolling over nine times before culminating in this massive payout. Nature dictated that luck and perseverance would find their mark, and indeed, it landed in Limerick.

Faced with the potential life-altering sum, the holder of the winning ticket is awaited anxiously. The National Lottery’s call serves not only as a reminder but a hopeful nudge towards a new chapter for the winner’s life. Should the holder come forward, their identity and narrative could soon echo McNamara’s tale of unexpected fortune.

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In conclusion, the latest win at Garryowen Stores has solidified the shop’s legendary status in Ireland’s lottery lore. With an incredible €8,970,934 at stake, the hunt for the next Limerick lottery millionaire continues fervently. And as the anticipation builds, the country watches in keen interest, waiting for the latest lucky player to come forward and claim their dazzling prize.

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