Lotto Bosses Reveal Wicklow Shop Responsible for Selling €500k Winning Ticket: Public Appeal Launched

The National Lottery has issued a compelling appeal to the public, especially EuroMillions players in Wicklow, after revealing the shop where a life-changing EuroMillions Plus ticket, now valued at a whopping €500,000, was sold.

In what turned out to be a lucrative night for many, Tuesday’s EuroMillions and EuroMillions Plus draws saw over 42,000 participants in Ireland win various prizes. However, it was one particularly fortunate individual who took home the largest chunk of the pot. The winning ticket, matching all five numbers of 19, 22, 24, 26, and 47 in the EuroMillions Plus draw, secured the incredible top prize of €500,000.

Initially, the National Lottery had only disclosed that the ticket had been sold somewhere in Wicklow, fueling excitement and suspense among ticket holders in the area. On Wednesday, however, Lotto officials confirmed that the ticket was purchased on the day of the draw at Circle K Bray South, located on the Dublin Road in Bray.

This recent victory has spurred a call to action from National Lottery representatives, urging all players to scrutinize their tickets carefully. “We are urging our players who might have bought a ticket from Circle K Bray South to inspect their tickets meticulously today. One lucky participant is sitting on a ticket worth an astonishing €500,000, and they must come forward to claim their reward,” said a spokesperson for the National Lottery.

To safeguard their newfound wealth, the winner should immediately sign the back of their ticket and keep it in a secure place. They are advised to contact the prize claims team by calling 1800 666 222 or by emailing [email protected]. Arrangements will then be made for the winner to visit the Lotto headquarters to officially claim their prize.

This €500,000 win follows another recent victory for a player in Wicklow, who secured the same amount in the previous Friday’s EuroMillions Plus draw. The back-to-back wins in Wicklow are astonishing and have caused quite a buzz in the locality.

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Expressing their delight, a National Lottery spokesperson stated, “EuroMillions players in Wicklow are certainly enjoying a streak of good fortune with two top prize wins of €500,000 just a few days apart. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the recent winners and encourage everyone who participated to verify their tickets.”

Tuesday’s draw saw tens of thousands of Irish players receiving various prizes, but the Wicklow ticket holder emerged as the most fortunate. Despite the excitement generated by the €500,000 win, there was no winner for the enormous EuroMillions jackpot worth €106,321,540, meaning the prize will roll over to Friday’s draw, with an estimated jackpot of €120 million now up for grabs.

The National Lottery reminded participants eager to scoop the next major prize to secure their tickets in-store, via the lottery’s mobile app, or at before the cut-off time of 7:30 PM on Friday evening.

The National Lottery continues to encourage responsible play and reminds players to be mindful of their betting limits. Lottery ticket holders are invited to check their tickets frequently and stay informed about the latest wins and upcoming draws through the official website or app.

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The recent consecutive wins in Wicklow have brought a wave of excitement and anticipation among EuroMillions players. As the next jackpot continues to climb, all eyes will be on the upcoming draw, with dreams of winning big making the atmosphere electric.

The National Lottery once again congratulates all the winners from Tuesday night and looks forward to celebrating future victories as players eagerly await the next opportunity to turn their tickets into life-changing fortunes.