National Lottery Announces Vendor of €500k EuroMillions Ticket Urges Winners to Check Tickets

The National Lottery has issued a fervent call to the public following the exciting revelation of the vendor that sold a winning EuroMillions Plus ticket, now worth an astounding €500,000. The fortunate winner, among over 42,000 players in Ireland who triumphed in the EuroMillions and Plus games on Tuesday night, April 16, matched all five numbers in the EuroMillions Plus draw, securing the coveted top prize.

The winning numbers for Tuesday’s EuroMillions Plus draw were 19, 22, 24, 26, and 47, marking a life-changing turn of events for one lucky individual. Previously, the National Lottery had confirmed that this golden ticket was sold in Wicklow. Today, Lotto officials unveiled that the winning stub was purchased on the very day of the draw at Circle K Bray South, located on the bustling Dublin Road in Bray.

In light of this revelation, the National Lottery has urged all players to meticulously check their tickets, as one holder now possesses a ticket valued at half a million euros. The National Lottery advises the prize winner to sign the back of their ticket immediately and secure it safely. The winner should then promptly contact the lottery’s prize claims team by calling 1800 666 222 or sending an email to [email protected]. The team will assist in arranging the collection of the prize.

This remarkable win follows closely on the heels of another significant victory. Just days earlier, an online player from Wicklow kick-started their weekend with jubilation by also winning the same €500,000 prize in Friday’s EuroMillions Plus draw. Such consecutive victories in Wicklow have drawn considerable attention from the National Lottery and the public alike.

A spokesperson for the National Lottery expressed excitement and encouraged EuroMillions players in Wicklow to double-check their tickets. “EuroMillions players in Wicklow are certainly on to a good thing with two top prize wins of €500,000 just days apart,” the statement read. They continued, “We are appealing to all of our players who may have purchased a ticket at Circle K Bray South to check their tickets carefully today. Someone has a prize worth an incredible €500,000 waiting for them. The winner should promptly contact our prize claims team; arrangements for them to visit Lotto HQ and officially claim their prize will be made.

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Tuesday night’s EuroMillions and EuroMillions Plus draws saw over 42,000 players in Ireland achieving various prizes, with the Wicklow player taking the title of the largest winner in Ireland for the night. Despite the grand prize win, there was no winner for the massive EuroMillions jackpot of €106,321,540. As a result, the jackpot will roll over to an estimated €120 million for Friday’s draw. Participants dreaming of hitting it big in the next draw are reminded that tickets can be purchased in-store, via the app, or at, ahead of the 7.30 pm cut-off time on Friday evening.

This string of wins has swept a wave of excitement across Wicklow. Local residents and players are particularly enthused, and there’s a tangible sense of anticipation in the air regarding the next draw. The winning streak has become a topic of conversation in the community, with many expressing a renewed optimism towards their chances.

To keep the excitement and engagement going, the National Lottery has also urged members of the public to sign up for newsletters that offer exclusive offers, promotions, and updates on the latest lottery news. “Stay informed and be the first to know about exciting lottery news and offers by subscribing to our daily newsletter,” the spokesperson added. They also mentioned joining the Irish Mirror’s breaking news service on WhatsApp for real-time alerts and headlines directly via mobile phones.

The call to check tickets cannot be emphasized enough, especially given the significant prize awaiting its rightful owner. The National Lottery’s meticulous efforts to announce the winning ticket’s point of sale and their robust support system reflect a commitment to ensuring winners claim their prizes seamlessly. As Friday’s draw approaches, the excitement builds, promising another thrilling night for players and potential winners.

In conclusion, the past week has been particularly bright for EuroMillions players in Wicklow. The definite takeaway remains for all players to scrutinize their tickets closely — the next big winner might just be holding onto their life-changing moment without realizing it.

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