Unclaimed €1 Million EuroMillions Prize Causes Stir in Cork

The National Lottery has issued an urgent appeal to the residents of Cork, specifically to those who recently purchased tickets for the ‘Ireland Only Raffle’ held as part of the special EuroMillions draw on Friday night. A life-altering sum of €1 million awaits one lucky ticket holder who, as of now, remains blissfully unaware of their good fortune.

The winning ticket was sold at Corcoran’s Centra, a local, family-run store in Cobh, County Cork. This special draw generated ten raffle codes, each valued at €5,000. These ten codes were then entered into a subsequent draw to determine the €1 million winner, making one Cork player’s prize amount a staggering €1,005,000.

The winning Ireland Only Raffle code, I-QQN-12284, was the key to this massive fortune, but the winner has yet to come forward. Alan Corcoran, the owner of Corcoran’s Centra, was enthused upon receiving the news, stating that this was the largest win ever associated with his store.

“I’m absolutely delighted, I cannot put into words what this means for us! It’s our first big win in the store and we just hope it’s one of our loyal regular customers. We’re definitely going to share this joy with our hardworking staff and give them a little treat. They’re honestly such a mighty bunch, and we’re looking forward to celebrating with them. We’re also looking forward to the buzz this will create over the next couple of days, and we wish the winner every best with their prize,” Corcoran shared.

In the wake of this news, the National Lottery is urging all players who purchased their tickets in Cobh for Friday’s draw to double-check their numbers and sign the back of their tickets immediately. Players are also advised to reach out to the prize claims team by calling 1800 666 222 or by sending an email to [email protected] to begin the process of claiming their winnings.

Sarah Ruane, a spokesperson for the National Lottery, emphasized the magnitude of this win and reinforced the call to action for the people of Cork.

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. “Friday night’s draw saw over 45,000 players in Ireland win prizes across the EuroMillions and EuroMillions Plus draws, with a Cork player officially becoming the biggest winner of the night after scooping €1,005,000 in the special Ireland Only Raffle. We are appealing to all of our players in the Cork area to make sure to check their tickets carefully, especially the raffle codes, as one player has a life-changing prize waiting to be claimed,” Ruane stated.

She added, “The first thing the winner should do is sign the back of their ticket and keep it safe. They should then make contact with our prize claims team who will make arrangements for them to visit Lotto HQ to collect their incredible prize.”

The excitement surrounding this substantial win has not only captivated the local community but also highlighted the significant impact such a prize can have on someone’s life. The community around Corcoran’s Centra in Cobh is abuzz with speculation and anticipation regarding the identity of the latest millionaire.

In addition to the grand prize winner, the special EuroMillions draw brought joy to multiple winners across the country, illustrating once again the widespread popularity and life-transforming potential of the EuroMillions lottery.

Participants and ticket holders are reminded of the importance of keeping their tickets secure and promptly verifying their numbers to avoid missing out on such extraordinary opportunities. The National Lottery continues to encourage responsible play while fostering excitement and hope among its vast network of players.

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As the wait continues for the fortunate Cork player to step forward and claim their prize, the community remains on tenterhooks, dreaming of what the future holds with a newfound millionaire among them. Will it be a loyal regular customer from Corcoran’s Centra or someone new to the area? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain—the winning ticket holder’s life is set to change in unimaginable ways.

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