Sushmita Mistry Shines Bright in India’s Best Dancer Season 4 With Unique Style Fusion

New Delhi: Sony Entertainment Television’s acclaimed dance reality series, India’s Best Dancer, has made an exuberant return for its fourth season, promising viewers an array of captivating performances under the theme ‘Jab Dil Kare Dance Kar’. The show is set to air starting from July 13th, bringing a fresh wave of excitement and talent to screens across the nation.

This season introduces a charismatic new addition to its judge’s panel – the beloved actress Karisma Kapoor, affectionately known as “Lolo”. Joining the experienced judges Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis, Kapoor brings an enhancing blend of star power, technical insight, and seasoned experience, ensuring that this season promises to be a memorable one.

Marking the beginning of the season on a high note, a standout performance captivated both judges and audiences. Sushmita Mistry, a 20-year-old classical dancer from Islampur, Siliguri, showcased her unique flair by harmonizing two contrasting dance styles – Kathak and Waacking. Sushmita’s performance to the iconic track “San Sanana” from the movie ‘Asoka’ left an indelible impression.

Adding a heartfelt twist to her story, Sushmita hails from humble beginnings, where her passion for dance was kindled early on. A significant moment from her childhood – winning a refrigerator as a prize in a dance competition – was a poignant event that sparked her lifelong dedication to dance. Seeing the joy that her triumph brought to her mother’s face solidified Sushmita’s resolve to pursue dance passionately, with dreams of achieving greater accolades.

Her dedication and the emotional bond with her mother added a touching layer to her onstage presence. The judges, deeply moved by her performance and personal journey, showered her with accolades. Karisma Kapoor, sharing a personal anecdote, remarked, “Sushmita, your performance was extremely graceful and so beautiful. Your expressions were always on point. When I was young and I first started working in the industry, my dream was also to make my mother proud someday.

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. You put your heart and soul into the performance today, and that was very evident to the audience.”

Apart from the technical brilliance of her dance, it was the profound connection between Sushmita and her mother that resonated with both the judges and the audience. Sushmita’s story of transforming a spark of joy into a blazing passion for dance is a testament to her resilience and dedication.

With the summer season’s heat rising, India’s Best Dancer – Season 4 provides the perfect entertainment to cool down with stunning performances and heartfelt stories. Broadcasting every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM exclusively on Sony Entertainment Television, this show continues to be a beacon for aspiring dancers and dance enthusiasts alike.

This season, the dynamic trio of judges – Geeta Kapur, Terence Lewis, and Karisma Kapoor – promises a balanced blend of fervor and expertise. Kapur, known for her extensive knowledge and nurturing spirit, Lewis with his technical precision and innovative choreography, and Kapoor bringing her star-studded charm and personal experiences, are all set to elevate the show’s standard.

As the show progresses, audiences can anticipate an array of diverse performances, innovative choreography, and moving personal stories. The show not only highlights technical skill but also gives a platform to share emotional journeys, making it a holistic experience for the viewers.

Sushmita Mistry’s performance was just a glimpse of the caliber of talent that India’s Best Dancer nurtures and showcases. With her exemplary blend of Kathak’s classical grace and the contemporary flair of Waacking, she has set a high benchmark for the competition.

Through such inspiring performances, India’s Best Dancer continues to be more than just a dance competition. It serves as a canvas for young talents to paint their dreams, express their passions, and connect with millions of viewers who share the same love for dance.

Tune in every weekend for an exhilarating journey, as India’s Best Dancer – Season 4 unfolds unforgettable dance moments and inspiring stories, reminding us all to ‘Jab Dil Kare Dance Kar’ – Dance When the Heart Says So.